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Welcome to Rome, the Eternal city. In a place where the streets are running thick with wine, blood, scandal, ambition, and lust, events happen so quickly that rising to power one day and falling the next is expected. Sweet words, honeyed speeches, and purses of money might milk your way to the top, but one wrong move and it's all over. This is a place where one forges alliances to survive and where enemies can seem as friends until they stab your back. A place where lust and wine are entwined so quickly that marriages are made and dissolved in months. Welcome to Rome, the Eternal City. Where will you go in such a place as this?

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Becoming Familiar With Rome
This is the OOC board to explain the new setup of the site. Within is a map of Rome and a thread that explains the various parts of the city (as listed below).
Housing Directory for AeR...
07-28-2013, 05:40 PM
by R. Suetonius
Regio I - Porta Capena
Named for the gate that leads from the Servian Wall, and by way of the Via Appia leads to the city of Capua. This region is located in the midst of the valley that forms between the eastern side of the Aventine, and western side of the Caelian Hill.
Aedes Honos et Virtus,
Thermae Mercurari
A Deal Done (Aulus Sempro...
12-08-2014, 04:03 PM
by Lucius Quinctius Capitolinus Piscis
Regio II - Caelemontium
The area of Rome that encompasses the Caelian Hill and surrounding lands.
Domi Caeli,
Emporium Magnum,
Ludi Gladiatorium
I could corrupt you [Juni...
Yesterday, 11:20 PM
by Junia Silana
Regio III - Isis et Serapis
This region encompasses parts of the Esquiline and Oppian Hills, including the large plain that was the site of the later Colosseum. Its name comes from the temple to the Egyptian gods, Isis and Serapis.
Aedes Isis et Serapis,
Porticus Liviae
Region III - Map and Loca...
03-22-2011, 10:29 AM
by R. Suetonius
Regio IV - Porta Absidata
Named after the gate that leads into this part of the city. Included within its area is the valley between the Esquiline and Velian Hills, the Subura, and the Velian Hill. It is famous as an area of housing for the poor, and as a red-light district.
Subura Absidatae,
Domus Venus,
Taberna Bacchus' Cup,
The Elysium
Keeping One Step Ahead [R...
05-17-2015, 08:39 AM
by Gaius Memmius Regulus
Regio V - Esquiliae
The name of this region comes from the Esquiline Hill, which is mostly situated within the region. Parts of the Oppian and Cispian hills (toward the center of the city) are also encompassed. Within are the barracks for the Fire Brigade and a Temple of Minerva, to name a few locales.
Domi Esquilinae,
Insulae Esquilinae,
Castrum Cohortes Vigiles
Concerning many things (S...
02-09-2015, 06:38 AM
by Gaius Junius Maximus
Regio VI - Alta Semita
This region derives its name from the high path (alta semita = high path) that crosses between the Quirinal Hill. Most famously, this region is home to the Gardens of Sullust.
Domi Quirinalis,
Mausoleum Flavi-Alexandrorum,
Castra Praetoria
PLOT POINT: Merging Force...
02-27-2015, 10:05 AM
by M. Arrecinus Ceasar Clemens Augustus
Regio VII - Via Lata
Named for the ending section of the Via Flaminia (one of Rome's several highways.) This region of Rome is famous for Ganymede Fountain, and as being an entrance to the Campus Martius.
Taberna Pulchra Luna,
Poppina Via Lata,
Villa Publica
An Unfortunate Encounter ...
12-26-2014, 09:35 PM
by Sextus Papirius Crassus Ursus
Regio VIII - Forum Romanum
The most famous of regions within the city of Rome. At the very center of the city, in the valley formed by all the 7 hills is the Forum. Ever-bustling, and always a place to see. This is where the government works for the good of the empire.
Aedes Jovis Optimi Maximi Capitolini,
Curia Julia,
Podium Praeconis,
Basilica Julia,
Aedes Vesta
I'd arrest you if I had h...
Today, 05:23 AM
by Manius Rutilius Cyprianus
Regio IX - Campus Martius
Historically this area was named "Circus Flaminius" after the racecourse in the area. However, for the purposes of AeRo, it has been renamed to better fit what the area actually is: the Campus Martius.
Amphitheatrum Statilium,
Mausoleum Augusti
Mars, the Bringer of Vict...
02-27-2015, 03:22 PM
by Marcus Valerius Messalla
Regio X - Palatium
The area of the Palatine Hill. Here resides the palace and home of the Emperor, surrounded by the homes of Rome's fabulously rich.
Domus Augustorum,
Domi Palatini
Planting a Seed (Tiberius...
Today, 09:54 AM
by Manius Rutilius Cyprianus
Regio XI - Circus Maximus
This region was made specifically to contain the Circus Maximus, which itself is on the backdoor-step of the Palace. Here are held all the grandest races of Rome.
Let Us Be Friends [Manius...
01-29-2015, 07:55 PM
by Manius Rutilius Gallus
Regio XII - Piscina Publica
This region is named for the public swimming grounds contained within. It is also a notable place for the private homes of some of Rome's most notable nobles.
Domi Aventini Minoris,
Subura Aventini Minoris,
Aedes Bona Dea
Region XII - Map and Loca...
03-23-2011, 05:30 AM
by R. Suetonius
Regio XIII - Aventinus
This region of Rome encompasses the Aventine Hill. Within are the houses of several rich notables, several temples, and public bathing complexes.
Domi Aventini,
Thermae Aventini,
Collegiae Aventini
Change is Inevitable [Clo...
03-26-2015, 04:29 AM
by Claudia Livia
Regio XIV - Trans Tiberim
The region "across the Tiber River". This region included a large amount of land, including such locales as the arenas where naval battles were held, several baths, and racecourses.
Insulae Trans Tiberi,
Naumachia Augusti
Region XIV - Map and Loca...
03-23-2011, 05:31 AM
by R. Suetonius

Within this board are the "provinces" of the Empire. Any threads that take place outside of the city of Rome, but within the Empire go in here.
Gallia et Germania,
Thracia et Dacia,
Asia et Syria,
Mare Nostrum
PLOT POINT: Blood of the ...
Yesterday, 09:52 PM
by M. Aemilius Scaurus Alexander
Regni Externum
The kingdoms of the world that are outside of Roman boundaries.

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