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Welcome to Rome, the Eternal city. In a place where the streets are running thick with wine, blood, scandal, ambition, and lust, events happen so quickly that rising to power one day and falling the next is expected. Sweet words, honeyed speeches, and purses of money might milk your way to the top, but one wrong move and it's all over. This is a place where one forges alliances to survive and where enemies can seem as friends until they stab your back. A place where lust and wine are entwined so quickly that marriages are made and dissolved in months. Welcome to Rome, the Eternal City. Where will you go in such a place as this?

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Domi Esquilinae
The homes of wealthy Roman families upon the Esquiline Hill.
Domus T. Vitelli,
Domus M.Tulli Taciti
Home is the Hunter...
06-11-2014, 04:31 AM
by Marcus Tullius Tacitus
Insulae Esquilinae
On the southern slope of the Esquiline, where the hill meets the flatter parts of the city are the insulae, or shanty-apartments where the majority of Rome's population resides. (These are the homes of very poor citizens & freedmen. If you want a home here for your character, PM a staff member.)
Castrum Cohortes Vigiles
The Headquarters of the Vigiles, Romes firefighting and polics force. The Prefect of the Vigiles can be found here. Likewise, if there are any crimes to report, they can be reported here before being taken to the courts.
Concerning many things (S...
02-09-2015, 06:38 AM
by Gaius Junius Maximus

Regio V - Esquiliae
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