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Domus Q. Flavi Alexandri
This magnificent villa belonging to the Flavio-Alexandrians. This home was originally constructed in 42 AD, a year after C. Flavius Alexander ended a large German excursion into Gaul. As a result, Claudius had land of the Palatine allotted to his general. It is now the property of Quintus Alexander, the former's eldest son.
4 Threads 39 Posts Mercy Mission (Caecilia A...
03-19-2015, 09:16 PM
by Marcus Valerius Messalla
Domus M. Corneli Scipionis
The home of Marcus Cornelius Scipio, the Pater Familias of the last remaining branch of the Cornelii-Scipiones. This estate shows the wealth and past influence of the family, though its position on the Aventine only came from close ties to the Caesars.
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Domus M. Aemili Scauri
The home of senator Marcus Aemilius Scaurus, it has passed down through the heads of his ancient family for decades and remains one of the oldest mansions on the Palatine Hill.
4 Threads 23 Posts The Art of Refusal (close...
02-16-2015, 04:45 PM
by Lucius Julius Mento Agrippa
Domus L. Corneli Sullae Magni
The domus of Lucius Cornelius Sulla Magnus and his family. The house is a grand one, having been passed on within the Cornelia-Sulla family for many generations. The dictator Sulla expanded the villa during his lifetime and filled it with many treasures from around the know world. The following generations changed the house very little except for a few renovations and some minor changes. Still today the domus is one of Rome's most elegant homes.
8 Threads 85 Posts Amor omnia vincit? [Ursus...
01-15-2017, 09:27 AM
by Lucius Cornelius Sulla Magnus
Domus M. Juli Agrippa
The home of exiled Judaean Monarch Herod Marcus Julius Agrippa II
4 Threads 17 Posts Weaving the Threads (Rivk...
01-04-2015, 05:10 PM
by Mariamne Of Judea
Domus L.C.Metelli
The Caecilii-Metelli were once one of the most important and wealthiest families within the Republic, and their home reflects it. Though their influence has long since gone, their wealth remains, and so too does their home. The large villa dates back several hundred years and is homage to all the Caecilii-Metelli who once lived there
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Domus G. Cassi Longini
Perhaps the longest-standing villa upon the Palatine, this estate was build by the ancestors of the current Cassii during the days of the Republic. Despite Cassius having been one of the murderers of Caesar, his estates remained in the hands of his family even upon his death. Today it is still owned by descendants of the family who keep the house rivaling the palace in terms of beauty.
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Domus M. Cornelii Dolabellae Minoris
Reminiscent of a miniature palace, the single-story house is built of dove-gray stone and stretched out on both sides of a great cobbled courtyard. Its ample grounds are surrounded by immaculately kept gardens, crowned by towering, lush cypress trees. Lavishly appointed with mosaic floors and frescoes, it is widely whispered to be the envy of many patrician homes found in this august neighborhood.
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Domus M'. Rutili Cypriani
Formerly occupied by an ancient family indicted in the proscriptions of the recent dictatorship, it has since been purchased from the state by the former dictator himself. Following the change of ownership the abode has been restored to the glory and elegance it likely once held, but its former residents failed to maintain.
6 Threads 54 Posts I Owe You Big Time (M.R. ...
09-17-2015, 06:55 AM
by Seia Imperia
Domus Mam. Aemilii Bocae
The home of Mamercus Aemilius Bocae, pater familias of the Aemilii Boca, is the last of a series of domi that have stood on the northwest corner of the Palatine hill since the times of the kings. The current one dates from the second century BC, and it is kept in pristine condition. It is not the most lavishly decorated domus in the city, nor does it follow the latest trends, but its large size, and its tasteful sobriety in decoration that makes abundant use of marble statues and mosaics in classical patterns, make it a very elegant residence that many speak of in Rome.
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Domi Palatini
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Aemilia Corneliana
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08-31-2015, 03:23 AM
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