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Welcome to Rome, the Eternal city. In a place where the streets are running thick with wine, blood, scandal, ambition, and lust, events happen so quickly that rising to power one day and falling the next is expected. Sweet words, honeyed speeches, and purses of money might milk your way to the top, but one wrong move and it's all over. This is a place where one forges alliances to survive and where enemies can seem as friends until they stab your back. A place where lust and wine are entwined so quickly that marriages are made and dissolved in months. Welcome to Rome, the Eternal City. Where will you go in such a place as this?

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Domus L. Flavi Faustae
The home senator Lucius Flavius Faustus Major and his family, with a separately built domus for son Lucius Flavius Faustus Minor. The family home was built around 50 BC and has been home for the family and offspring for years.
A Private Inquiry (A. S. ...
12-22-2014, 01:43 PM
by Lucius Flavius Faustus
Domus M. Antiochi Syriani
A large home, heavily decorated in Persian-Style architecture. Vines run alongside the walls of the house and the interior of the boundary wall. 3/4's of a Acre. All couches and chairs are unusually low but are inclined and comfortable.
Layout of the Domus
12-17-2014, 12:43 PM
by Manius Rutilius Cyprianus
Domus Gn. Juventi Getae
The home of senator Gnaeus Juventius Geta, an important Senatorial family of relation to Honorius Caesar and the Flavio-Alexandrians.
Domus S. Papiri Crassi
The home senator Sextus Papirius Crassus. The family home was built in the days of the republic and has been home for the family and offspring since.
A Visitor (Manius Gallus)
03-01-2015, 04:44 AM
by Tacita
Domus Gn. Pompei Magni
The home of the wealthy Pompeius family for three generations, this estate is manned by numerous slaves and protected by some of the finest guards the family can afford.

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