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The Rules of Aeterna Roma


  • Respect others, communicate effectively, and remember it is a game for enjoyment.
  • Do not steal content from the site or members.
  • Ads only go on the Advertising board.
  • AeRo only accepts players who are sixteen years, or over.
  • AeRo is AU, therefore it is strongly recommended that players read the available information to understand what's happening, and what the history of the site is. It is important that you do so in order to have an understanding of the site.
  • Activity Checks are mandatory, they take place about every three to four months.
  • We have a 333 RPG rating.
    This means
    1. Language 3: Objectionable and mature language is permitted.
    2. Sexual content 3: Sexual content may be described in detail.
    3. Violence 3: Extreme violence is permitted.


  • You are able to post WIP applications.
  • All applications are approved by the staff.
  • If you need help with an application, please feel free to contact a staff member.
  • Must be posted using the character's account.

  • One account per character.
  • The first account you join with is considered your main account.
  • Only make as many characters as you can handle.

Inactive Accounts
  • Accounts that fail the Activity Check first go into the Inactive grouping.
  • If they miss the second Activity Check, they will be deleted.

Archiving Characters
Archiving a character is for people who wish to keep a character on hold whilst being active with their other characters.
  • Characters are able to be archived for a month.
  • Go to your account profile and move the character to the archived accounts group.
  • PM an admin to inform them that the character is archived.
  • The maximum amount is five characters.

  • If your character is going to have a child, please make sure you have the other player's permission prior to posting.

  • If the character (or those closely associated) is a canon/adoptable, please make sure you have the necessary permission prior to posting it.

  • Please make sure you have the other player's permission prior to posting, or contact the necessary people beforehand.

  • Please make sure you have the other player's permission prior to posting, or contact the necessary people beforehand.

Other Updates
  • To update your profile, please post in this thread.
  • To add your character's house/business to the directory, please post in this thread.


Applying for Canons/Adoptables
  • As our canons/adoptables have major plot functions, we require players interested in taking them on to first prove their activity by applying for and maintaining at least one original character.
  • If you meet the above activity requirements, contact the adoptable creator and a member of staff prior to applying for the adoptable.
  • Once you have obtained permission to proceed, you may submit an application the same way you would an original character.

Adding Your Own
  • All members are able to add their own adoptables to the site.
  • Fill in the form and information.
  • Please communicate with the person who wishes to make the character.
  • Remember that staff have the final say when it comes to accepting a character, and may request changes that must be followed.

Adoptable Disclaimer
If you leave the site, members who play the adoptable characters won't be giving them up, and will be able to manage them themselves. Canons/adoptables can be removed due to extreme OOC behaviour that can not be fixed through discussion, or inactivity. Canons/adoptables cannot be killed without permission from the staff beforehand.


  • There is no Word Count.
  • Your application must be accepted prior to posting.
  • No god-modding or powerplaying.
  • Try to post at least once a week.
  • Major plots must be discussed and approved by the admins before they take place, and they must be kept updated on what's going on.
  • The outcome of any PLOT POINT threads (ie, those that can affect the fate of any number of PCs or NPCs) must be decided by a community vote. Every player has a vote in the plot point polls, irregardless of whether or not they have characters involved in the thread. Similarly players have only one vote each even if they have more characters involved.
    • Upon posting of a PLOT POINT thread, the poster is agreeing that depending on success/failure, the life of their character will radically change.
  • Letters between characters (or IC) must be posted on the messages forum.
  • Time-stamping threads is essential. The correct format is month, year AD at the top of the first post in a thread.

  • If you are away for over three days post an absence notice on the away board.
  • On your main account, use the settings to show you will be away. Click here to see how.
  • When you return, reply to your away thread to let people know you are back.

  • To access this area you must be eighteen years or over.
  • Since threads are not moved but continued, you must start a new thread there.
  • PM a staff member for details on gaining mature content access.

  • No fighting or drama.
  • No Impersonation.
  • No advertising other sites.

Disclaimer: These rules may change at any time, and notification will be given to the players so they are updated. Ignorance is not an excuse in regards to the rules.

Mission Statement

Aeterna Roma aims to do the following:
  • Be an active community of writers from all over the world who work together to create a collaborative story.
  • To educate about Ancient Rome together along with the other cultures that inhabited the world at this time.
  • To be an alternative historical world of Rome during this time period and offer a mix of accuracy along with creative freedom.
  • To be a welcoming RPG for people where they can improve their skills in a safe and friendly community.
  • To have an active IC and OOC community.
Updated. See section CANONS/ADOPTABLES.
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