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AGE: 24
EXPERIENCE: Over ten years.
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NAME: Flavia Lucilla, now Lucilla Augusta
DATE OF BIRTH: 2nd January 24 AD. 34 years old.
GENDER: Female.

-- Cives Romani, Nobilitas, Caesarian

OCCUPATION: Roman matron, Augusta.

Her family and the role they play in the Empire.
Horses, dogs and cats.
Watching the races and the games.
Learning about the different cultures.
Keeping her mind occupied.
The army.
Patronising the arts.

Overly emotive reactions from people.
Lazy behaviour.
The more bold members of the Senate.
Large amounts of waste.
When her children gradually become older and develop thoughts of their own.

The death of her children.
The destruction of her family.
The fall of Rome (unlikely to happen).
For one of her other children to become ill and die like what happened to Darius.
To have a successful plot against her family.

To grow into old age and watch Rome enter a golden era through Junus' reign.
To see her family remain prosperous.
To achieve the fame of Livia Drusilla, the wife of Augustus and to protect her families interests.
To build libraries and other great buildings for Rome.


Lucilla is a woman who is devoted to furthering the cause of her children and ensuring their survival. Given their current position within the Empire, it means they need to succeed in order to survive in the world of Roman politics. She was a strict and somewhat distant mother, the woman was focused on them receiving the best education available to them. It was something the woman prided herself on and found it better to nurture their minds then their hearts. There was moments when this decision causes her to regret the choice that she had made for them and for herself. Darius was the child she was closest to, but once he died, much of her attention turned towards grooming Junus to taking his role as Caesar. Her affection is also towards Livia, her step-daughter along with Flavia, Claudia and Tiberius.

She is a loyal woman, although there has been times when her loyalties and friendships placed her and those around her at risk. The main one being her friendship with the traitor, Camillus. That could have brought shame to her family along with endangering the life of her children. She values the friendships that she has, although there is a bit of sadness because many of those she was friends with as a child are no longer amongst the living. Either being killed through time, the politics of Rome or by their own hand.

Given her position within Rome, she has developed a ruthless and cunning streak. Lucilla would gladly wipe out entire families that wronged her or her family. But she has also shown mercy such as the Junius Silanus family by discarding Claudius' final order to have the family destroyed and protecting Valeria, the sister of Camillus from harm. Her first husband taught her the reality of life for Roman women and has given her a coldness towards that life for women, even for the fate of her own daughters.

Lucilla beneath the cold, exterior of the proper Roman matron is a highly passionate woman. There were times when she wasn't faithful to her husband (when married to Gaius, had an affair with Marcus) and when she was with Claudius, she had an affair with Marcus. Not to mention a strained love affair with Camillus where she was manipulating him for political gain. This doesn't include the female lovers she has taken during her time, it's something she keeps very discreet.

Her relationships with men have been mixed. Her Pater was a man she respected and had a part in his murder to keep the family safe changed her ideals. Her father was no longer a god-like figure of childish admiration, but someone who had to be dealt with for the protection of the family. Lucilla has several close friendships with men of Rome, some of these include/have included Camillius & Damicus, Lucius Cornelius Scipio, Lucius & Marcus Furius Bibaculus.


HAIR: Reddish brown, past her shoulders and curled.
EYES: Green.
BUILD: Curvy
HEIGHT: 5'9 (Quite tall for a Roman woman)
Lucilla's clothing tends to be more more classic and conservative styles of the women of times before, rather then the more modern styles worn by younger women. If she is on official business or receiving guests within the Domus Augustana, she always wears a stola that marks her as a married woman. Lucilla wears expensive, yet smaller and tasteful jewellery pieces to mark her own status and wealth.

General Appearance

Lucilla has the fairer skin of her Northern ancestry. She is quite tall for a Roman woman, her height being taller then most men of the time period. Her posture is upright and she doesn't slouch. Around her eyes, small lines and crows feet have begun to form. Her body is curvy and her legs toned from riding, however age and the amount of births has altered her body. Her stomach is a little stretched and both places have faint stretch-marks.


--Father – Cneaus Flavius Alexander Germancius, Age, /Deceased
--Mother – Cornelia Annthea, otherwise known as Annthea Alexandra, 69, Alive
--Brother – Quintus Flavius Alexander III
--Brother – Rufus Flavius Alexander II
--Brother – Julius Flavius Alexander
--Brother – Dessius Flavius Alexander (deceased)
--Brother – Octavius Flavius Alexander
--Brother – Laelius Flavius Alexander
--Previous Husband – Gaius Livius Cassianus , 56, Died
--Previous Husband – Marcus Rufus Honorius, 34, Divorced
--Previous Husband – Drusus Claudius Sabucius (Known as Claudius), Age, Died
--Current Husband – Marcus Honorius Caesar Rufinus, 34,
CHILDREN: If none, put "N/A"
--Son – Lucius Livius Cassius (deceased)
--Son – Unnamed, stillborn
– Son – Darius Claudius Caesar Aug. (Formerly Marcus Rufus Honorius II)
--Son – Junus Claudius Caesar Honorianus (Formerly Decimus Rufius Honorius III)
--Daughter - Flavia Caesaris (Formerly Rufia Flavia)
--Son – Tiberius Claudius Caesar
--Daughter - Claudia Caesaris

Flavii-Alexandrones – through the younger lines of her father
Cornelii-Scipiones through her mother's paternal family connections.
Junii through her mother's maternal family connections.
Imperii through her older brother's marriage to Nefertiti Imperia.
Aurelii through her father's maternal line.
Rufii-Honorii & the Juventii-Getae through her husband's family connections.
Livian-Cassii through her first marriage.
Stilichii through and old family connection.
Tiberius Livius Cassianus – nephew of her first husband


Birth & Childhood

Lucilla was born into a household where both of her parents were members of the nobility, her father's family had risen while her mother's were of ancient blood. She also had a twin, Julius who would remain a close friend of hers throughout her life. Lucilla was the only surviving female child out of several others who died in the past for the family.

Her childhood was primarily learning how to manage a household, disciplining slaves, learning to read and write in Latin & Greek, along with learning how to behave in proper society. From her Pater, she learned about things when he would discuss military tactics and explained what the different units were. Lucilla eagerly learned anything her father was willing to tell her about it. However, she was never permitted to use weaponry or learn combat itself. Since the family lived outside Rome, it gave Cneaus slightly more freedom and he indulged Lucilla when it came to have her permitted to know how to ride a horse. Lucilla had a more liberal upbringing then many of her peers, some would say it benefited her but others would say that it was negative.

Lucilla was given two slaves of her own by her father. Aulus and Gaulus, Germanic twins who were named and instructed by her. From them she learned how to speak in their language and learned about their culture. It gave her a bit of an understanding about the tribes to the North.

She was not without friends as a child. Her cousins and friends would frequently come to visit. She had a consistent friendship with Camillus, even going as far as to plan their marriage together and they were the very best of friends. There was a young woman called Domitia who was her fondest of friends. When she was eleven, Domitia was sent to Rome to meet with the man who was to become her husband and moved to be with him. Lucilla and her sent letters to each other.

First Marriage & life in Rome

At thirteen years of age she was married to Gaius Livius Cassianus, who was an Imperialist Senator of Rome and a man with great wealth, he was also quite influential. She moved from her home in Gaul to the capital and got acquainted with her new life. The Senator was more of a traditionalist, trying to enforce the stricter gender regulations on his much younger spouse and it led to several arguments between the pair of them. Naturally Lucilla resented this treatment and was disciplined severely by her husband. At this time she become friendly with a young noblewoman close to her own age called Cambria Phisceria in time the pair became the best of friends. Her friendship with Domitia was maintained during this time as well and she met Papiria as well as Clarissa. Who also became her friends within the city. They helped the woman adjust to the change of the city. This is also around the time that the woman meets Seneca for the first time and their friendship began.

There are rumours of her husband plotting against Caligula. The mad Caesar, the woman tried to keep her husband's dislike quiet and not draw attention to the family. Through this period of time, Lucilla learns a great deal about how to manage a household and learn about the politics of Rome and her husband was unwilling to yield to her desire to settle down.

First child

Lucilla completed her obligation to her husband and provided him with a healthy son. Lucius Lucius Cassianus, a boy born into an influential family. The man's hatred of his younger spouse eased during this time, but hers for him did not. She had not forgotten his treatment of her and wrote to her mother to assist her in dealing with him, eventually the pair were determined to bring the man down and end his life. This was kept quiet from her friends and the other members of her family.

It was around this time that she met Marcus Rufus Honorius for the first time at the marketplace with her husband. An unfortunate accident led to the pair meeting each other and later the pair become good friends, then lovers. The youth offered her comfort in her troubled marriage and it raised a dilemma for her about the behaviour. During this time the woman maintained communication with her twin brother Julius and with her friend, Camillus. Although neither of them knew of her feelings towards her husband and how she had plans to rid herself of him. Yet try to keep his family as allies for her family.

Death of Gaius

Her husband was growing more ambitious for himself and he became more outspoken of Caligula. While Lucilla had no support for the mad Caesar, she was unwilling to go down as a supporter of his and used the poison on him. It mimicked a fever and therefore looked like the illness that would sometimes move through Rome and cost Roman lives. Naturally the woman openly showed signs of grief to the public but inside the woman was pleased with her action. She had tasted blood for the first time.

Although under strange and unexpected circumstances, her son with her first husband also died. For the boy, the woman's tears were genuine and his family were compassionate towards the grieving widow of the paterfamilias. The new Paterfamilias and now the sole heir was kind to the woman, offering her the dowry back along with anything else she wished to take. It is unknown what the relationship was like between the pair of them during this time, except they are on good terms to this day.

Claudius had been dangerously curious about the Livian-Cassian and Flavii-Alexandrone alliance. Therefore it was fortunate that the union had come to an end and Lucilla made an effort to try to spend more time being amicable with the Imperial family to protect her own.

Second Marriage

The next marriage was arranged with her thoughts considered. However, there was the added bonus of Marcus' family being old and respectable although they weren't powerful enough too be considered to be a threat. Lucilla brought the connection of her family along with the wealth she had received from her first marriage. It was a blissful time for her. The pair enjoyed each other intimately, something the pair had been mostly denied previously and he was sent away to the Rhine to serve under her father's command.

During the early stages of her pregnancy the woman met up with Domitia again and their friendship renewed. Although this time there was a new intimacy, both their husbands were away at war and neither wished to harm their honour with an affair with a man. At a party and nearly resulting in a fight, the woman met with Clarissa for the first time and also met with Papiria who could also become some of her closest friends. During her husband's absence the woman also devoted herself to ensuring the family interests were protected and maintain whilst being in Rome.

Birth of Darius

Marcus Rufus Honorius (Darius) was born. Although the boy's name was originally one that honoured his father and wasn't the same that later on he became known as. He was her pride and joy. Lucilla was determined that Darius would have a better chance at survival than her other son did in the game of Roman politics. It was also within the first tour of duty that her husband, Marcus went on. During this time she spent time with her Mater, who had been pregnant with Octavius at the time and during their early childhood. The pair had been firm friends with Octavius giving Darius his nickname that he would become known by within his family.

During this period of time the woman extended the friendships associated with her family. Her affair with Domitia stopped during this point when the Gods took her friend passed away from her in childbirth. The woman was deeply upset and mourned her friend. There are still times when the woman would visit the mausoleum to offer her well wishes to her.

Whilst the politics continued, the woman became intimate with Clarissa and became friends with Papiria. Both women who would become close friends of hers as time went by.

Caligula was assassinated and her family backed Claudius in becoming Caesar. However the man was still uncertain of the Flavii-Alexandrones, despite their apparent loyalty and Lucilla spent time with the Imperial family. Especially Valeria Messalina and Gaius.

When her husband returns home, it is a warm meeting between the pair and their passions renewed. Lucilla doesn't take her female lovers into her bed during this time.

Birth of Junus

Junus (Decimus, as he was originally known) was born when Marcus went back on campaign again and Darius is four years old. She sees that her sons are well-educated and cared for. The woman begins to become closer friends with Claudius' son, Gaius. The woman continues to work to advance the causes of her family.

Birth of Flavia

Marcus returns earlier in the year and their reunion is pleasant. The woman is pleased with her husband's elevation to becoming a Legatus.

With the rise in position, it meant that her husband went to Judea to deal with the Jews there and they were separated again. This time the woman had three children to care for and to ensure they were educated. In spending more time with the Imperial family, it gives her time to be introduced to Manius Claudius Sabucius, who was the nephew of Caesar. The woman travels to Germania along with her father and meets with Fluvius Aetius Stilicho, a man who would later rise to importance in Rome and soon leaves before the advancing Suebi get too close.

The woman receives word that Camillus sought her hand in marriage and had been denied by her father.

Welcomes her father back to Rome.

Imperial Marriage

In 51AD Lucilla met with Claudius within the Domus Augustana, of late the man had began to seek her out and speak with her on a regular basis. However the woman was unaware of Claudius' intentions towards her and didn't know that he was asking Marcus. Once the woman did find out, she pushed to be given her own financial independence within his household and permitted to act as she pleased. Claudius at the time needed the alliance of her family and agreed. Little did Lucilla know that he had also been speaking with her husband, Marcus who had been ordered to divorce his wife on the orders of Caesar.

When they informed each other of the intentions of Caesar. The pair broke down and embraced each other for the last time. Marcus was rewarded for his loyalty. Lucilla then married Claudius in a public ceremony and showed friendship towards both Manius and Livia. Her three children were then adopted by Claudius although Manius was his successor.

Uses poison on Caesar, but due to a different plot against him. The man doesn't die but instead goes into a coma and when he awakens, the man has lost his mind. Several families were to be slain, Lucilla halted some of them for reasons unknown.

Manius is declared a traitor and responsible for what happened to Claudius. Therefore he is disinherited and Darius is named as Caesar's official heir. The woman sends messages to her friends in the army and within politics to ensure they would support her son if Caesar happened to die.

However, in a twist of fate and a change of character. Her father began to whisper about taking the Imperial seat, not wishing to have his memory tarnished nor to have the possibility of her family dying. She conspires with her eldest brother Quintus in order to have him discreetly killed, the poison mimicked a fever and her father died. Strangely the same illness also effected her older brother as well...

Quintus recovers and serves as Consul.

56AD Meets Antonia Vitellia and the pair become friends and lovers during this time. They become incredibly close. The woman keeps in contact with Camillus, promising him her hand should he succeed but becomes aware of his intentions towards her son. Instead of shunning these, she encourages Darius to use them to his political advantage.

Claudius is assassinated by a slave within the Domus Augustana. Camillus was in Rome during this time and rumoured to have been seen outside Lucilla's quarters the night that he died.

Reign of Regency/Darius

The regencies

Darius becomes Caesar, but with conditions. There were to be regencies set up in order to support him before he would take on the position of Caesar. Lucilla assisted him, but her influence was limited due to the fact she is a woman and her son was young. Again the woman used the influence that she had to keep the men in line. Her cousin, Lucius Cornelius Scipio (Later, Dacicus) is Consul and with it power has briefly been restored to the Senate.

In order to prevent a civil war between the different factions within Rome, a quinqueviri was established with the follow men in prominent positions. Camilius in Gaul & Spain, Darius in Italy, Quintus Alexander in Illyria & Greece, Stilicho in Asia, and Manius in Africa.

Both Lucius and Quintus respectively were sent to deal with the Epirot Rebellion and Dacia.

Darius abolishes the regencies and Lucilla works to ensure that he is supported. Both the praetorians and the army (minus Camillus and his supporters) were in favour of the dissolution. His father, Marcus Honorius is selected to become prefect in order to defend his son.

There is an assassination attempt on Darius, causing Marcus to show a darker side of his character and for Lucilla to plot to use it in order to solidify Darius' rule. Despite the shock and terror that she encountered in the process. The revelations that Darius were informed of about Camillus' true intentions shocked him to the core of his being. Lucilla knew it was a terrible and yet an important lesson for her son to learn. Camillus was then declared a traitor. Lucilla felt nothing about the order and if Darius did not act, she would have had him assassinated.

During the time of his injury, Fluvius Stilicho acted as his military advisor with Lucilla advising about the state of the city and keeping the Domus Augustana in order. She sent word to ease the troubled Legates, who were fearful in case there was yet another civil war that would grip the Empire. In order to gain the support of various matrons, Lucilla sent word around that she was currently looking for a prospective wife for Darius and then the potential candidates came forward.

Later, Darius' uncle and Lucilla's eldest brother was sent to attack Camillus who was defeated. He managed to escape and the men who had been captured were pardoned by her son.

Her son, guided by the divine Caesars has a premonition that Britannia was to become Roman. There was an attack by British forces on the fortress and prompted Darius to begin the preparation, Lucilla assisted him and was pleased to see her eldest son return to his old vigour. The woman later in the year gave birth to Claudia and Tiberius, the children of Claudius.

Lucilla encouraged Darius to show mercy towards Sextus, the son of the traitor Camillus along with the valued word of Quintus and Fluvius Stilicho.

The war in Britannia

The campaign in Britannia begins, an event that has brought Rome a great deal of unity that had been lacking in recent years. Darius became the undisputed Caesar, the young man kept in contact with his Mater who knew he would be safe under his father's watchful eye, along with his Uncle Octavius and several others who were trusted with his life.

Whilst Darius was away in Britannia, Lucilla devoted herself to the education of her remaining children and the construction of a library that was being built in her son's honour. A place of great learning that would go with the military conquest. First, Marcus Rufus Honorius returned to Rome and she greeted her former husband fondly. Although neither parent were involved in an affair with each other, instead their focus was on their children and ensuring the power vacuum left after Fluvius Stilicho was slain by pirates didn't spill over. The woman mourned him, as a friend but dealing with the matter was more important and the focus of the majority of her attention. Darius returned amongst great celebration but looks pale and Lucilla asked him what was wrong. Her son had become more independent since his time in Britannia, he brushed off his mother's pestering in order for him to see a physician and ignored what she said about exhausting himself. Caesar, had always been determined to push himself to be the very best that he could be.

The woman meets with Artaxias, the Armenian ambassador for the first time during a banquet when Caesar returned in victory from his campaign. Her heart sank when Darius publicly fainted, with blood from his lips and later that night she prayed to the Gods to protect her son.

He sank into unconsciousness.

Caesar's illness & death

During this time, Lucilla, Antonius Ercasius Decimedianus who was Consul at the time and Marcus Rufus Honorius, the prefect of the Praetorian guard. During this unpredictable time, Manius Claudius Sabucius soon died of a fever and it was rumoured that the Imperial family was behind it. But there was no proof.

Lucilla and Marcus become co-rulers of the Empire during this time. Lucilla tending to matters of state and governing (not sitting in the Senate!) while Marcus tended to things involving the military. Although the pair of them often spoke to seek out each other's position before an official decision was to be made.

To her grief, Darius died and passed into the Elysium. He was to join the rest of the other Gods. But it rose a dangerous matter, concerning the will and succession. Junus was younger than Darius had been when he had first become Caesar and Darius' illness had brought instability that was not there before.

It was a dangerous and uncertain night. Lucilla had discreetly worked on contingency plans in case the meeting with the Senate failed.

Marriage to Marcus again

After the death of Darius his incomplete will was read out in the Senate and Junus was the most likely successor. In order to prevent another regency and possible instability due to his age, the man's father Marcus Rufus Honorius became Caesar and took on the name Marcus Honorius Caesar Rufus. Junus freely submitted to his father, as the de facto head of the family and to show they were a united clan. He was made co-Caesar, with both father and son being publicly friendly. Lucilla and Marcus worked closely together, they still remained close but there was now a distance between them, but the pair of them were determined to ensure the success and survival of their family. They married in order to ensure greater stability within the Empire. The Augusta turns a blind eye to the love between her husband and his slave, Iris.

She was delighted and shed a tear of joy at the sight of their family being reunited, despite the sad reason why they were able to do so. Junus and Flavia were now considered to be his children once more, not to mention the man acted as a step-father to Livia, Claudia and Tiberius.

Junus was betrothed to Junia, a descendent of Augustus in order to formalise the family's future. Her step-daughter, the legitimate daughter of Claudius was married to Antonius Ercasius Decimedianus. A man who had supported her son Darius and then offered his support to Honorius and Junus.

The woman works with Caesar and his advisors to ensure the Empire is maintained. She has high hopes for the Empire – and for her family.


24 AD – Birth of Lucilla and Julius
29 AD – Birth of Dessius Flavius Alexander
32 AD – Received Aulus and Gaulus as slaves.
33 AD – Becomes friends with Camillius & Damicus, Lucius Cornelius Scipio, Lucius Furius Bibalicus, etc.
38 AD – Marriage to Gaius Livius Cassianus (a highly wealthy and influential Senator).
38 AD – Becomes friends with Domitia and Cambria Phisceria/
38 AD – Gives birth to her son, Livius Lucius Cassius Minor.
38 AD – Meets Marcus Rufus Honorius for the first time
39 AD – Writes to her mother about her treatment from her husband and plots with her to have him poisoned.
39 AD – Gaius Livius Cassianus and Lucius Livius Cassianus both die.
39 AD – Octavius Flavius Alexander was born.
39 AD – Becomes friends with Titus Tiberius Lupus.
39 AD – Marriage to Marcus Rufus Honorius
39 AD – Birth of Marcus Rufus Honorius II (Darius)
39 AD – Marcus goes on tour for the first time.
39 AD – Death of Domitia.
39 AD – Has an affair with Clarissa and became friends with Papiria.
41 AD – Caligula is assassinated.
41 AD – Claudius becomes Caesar.
41 AD – Becomes friends with Claudius, his wife Valeria Messalina Minor and their son, Gaius.
43 AD – Marcus leaves for the Rhine, Darius is four and Junus (Decimus Rufius Honorius III) is born.
46 AD – Claudius' son, Gaius and Lucilla become closer friends.
46 AD – Marcus returns home, Flavia is born; selected as Legatus of Legio X Fretensis in Judaea; Claudius' son Gaius is assassinated.
47 AD – Marcus leaves for Judea.
47 AD – Works on her families political ties in Rome and works on her children's education. Becomes friends with Manius Sabucius, Caesar's new heir.
48 AD – Visits her father in Germania briefly. Meets Fluvius Aetius Stilicho.
49 AD – Cneaus Flavius Alexander Germanicus pacifies and invades Germania. Capturing Alaric of the Suebi and putting a halt to the Germanic invasions.
49 AD – Camillus approaches Cneaus with an offer for a marriage alliance with their families by marrying Lucilla. He is denied.
50 AD – Cneaus returns to Rome.
51 AD – Cneaus Flavius Alexander Germanicus retires from the army and moves back to Rome to begin a political career.
51 AD – Divorce between Marcus and Lucilla under orders from Claudius.
51 AD – Marriage of Claudius and Lucilla.
51 AD – Adoption of Darius, Junus and Flavia.
52 AD – Hears that Camillius is planning a civil war to become Caesar.
52 AD – Claudius is poisoned but did not die and becomes insane.
52 AD – Manius accused of treason and confined.
52 AD – Lucilla communicates to her friends in the army and Senate to keep things quiet. Manius is disinherited and Darius is named the heir.
54 AD – Eldest brother Quintus Flavius Alexander serves as Consul
56 AD – Met Antonia Vitellia and became friends/lovers.
56 AD – Cneaus dies after being poisoned by Lucilla and her eldest brother Quintus.
56 AD – Claudius is assassinated and dies. Camillus is inside the Domus Augustana at the time.
56 AD – Darius becomes Caesar and abolishes the regencies that had been put in place.
56 AD – Lucilla looks around for a potential wife for Darius.
56 AD – Darius begins to plan the invasion.
56 AD – Tiberius and Claudia are born.
57 AD – Camillus is declared a traitor.
57 AD – Britannia campaign begins.
57 AD – Marcus goes with Britannia with their son.
57 AD – Meets Artaxias the Armenian ambassador.
58 AD – Darius' illness worsens, Lucilla and Marcus become co-rulers during this time.
58 AD – Manius Sabucius, the former heir of Claudius dies.
58 AD – Darius dies of a fever.
58 AD – Her twin Julius becomes a Senator.
58 AD – Marcus Honorius becomes Caesar and remarries Lucilla.
58 AD – Junus comes of age and negotiations and wedding to Junia occurs.

OTHER: Nothing else, if other people wish to have their portions added to the profile. Feel free to ask me and I'd be happy to add you in. There will be more adoptables that are made for the extended members of her family.

And newbies who are reading this an example. Seriously, this is long and more detailed than it needs to be. So don't feel pressured to write this much. Smile

The nephew of her first husband is going to be put up as an adoptable as well.[/sp]

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