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AGE: 17
CONTACT: PM please

NAME: Odila
DATE OF BIRTH: July 5th. 38 AD, 20 years old
GENDER: Female

CITIZENSHIP: Non Civium, Mancipiae, Servus

OCCUPATION: Personal Slave

-Her homeland
-Men (as long as they don't take advantage of her)
-The Romans
Death without honor
Living forever within the confines of the Romans and their stupidity
That she will become "romanized:
To go back to Germania free
To crush the Roman Empire
GENERAL PERSONALITY: Odila has a very deep hatred for the Romans, as of now all Romans. Thus it is very difficult for her to humble herself as a slave and often she defies the customs of slaves even daring to look the Romans in the eye just so they might see her anger. In fact Odila would rather die than spend the rest of her life prey to Roman dogs, however despite her defiance has not been granted that wish. Brutally independent the very idea that Roman women flaunt about and thrust themselves at men to get what they want sickens her. However she also realizes that are far worse things than being a house slave. in fact she had been an initial prospect as a prostitute but her fierce eyes and barbaric nature proved that she'd probably rip a man to shreds before she let them touch her and would happily die as punishment. But she prefers men of course. Just not men who throw her about like a toy for children.

Despite her harsh nature Odila can be quite compassionate, even kind if she needs to. Although disliking Romans she has a certain like for the children although she sees what monsters they will become. Since her capture she has become slightly more docile realizing that lashing out at every Roman will not improve her situation. Of course that hasn't stopped her from planning. A surprisingly skilled strategist and tactician, Odila may have more knowledge than most Roman men about warfare and will often comment on strategies. It is not something she shows off though as she is not entirely sure how the dogs will react to it. She is also very competitive and most of the time she is open to competition. She also prides herself in the fact that she can out drink most Romans and remain sober although she detests the taste of wine.

She seems to genuinely admire the games as the prospect of Romans vs. Romans amuses her. Ultimately she believes Rome's downfall will be within itself although she does wish for the Germanic tribes to have some part in it. She desires freedom, confinement frightens her and she'd much rather be running through the forest with her brethren. This of course can be gained in numerous ways but the succession of all those ways are slim. Odila is willing to try all of them no matter the cost, and if she dies, praise the gods.
[Image: 181938_180470058657206_180264518677760_3...5654_n.jpg]

HAIR: Long and blond
EYES: Dark grey
BUILD: tall and athletic, somewhat muscular
HEIGHT: 5'7"
STYLE OF DRESS: The garments of a slave

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Odila like many other women of the Germanic tribes is rather tall and towers over many Romans. Her stormy grey eyes are perhaps the most prominent feature other than her blonde hair. In Germania she was considered physically attractive and in Rome it seems to be no different. She has a build of the runner and a rather unusual amount of strength for a woman which seems to amuse most Roman men. She has a few scars on her back from beatings after several escape attempts during the journey to Rome. Typically she wears her hair in a long braid as it is required of her but will often let it flow about when she is alone. Her skin is very light golden color and slightly sun-kissed.

Any characters that are available as adoptables, please post within the ADOPTABLE board. Also be sure to follow the guidelines for Roman names! Refer to the linked thread above.

--Father - King Hrothgar (deceased in war)
--Mother - Queen Hildgrat ( Supposedly deceased)
--Brother - Alaric, 27, Unknown
--Brother - Thorin, Unknown
--Sister- Argathe Unknown
--Master - Open
--Niece- Barbara Stilicha (Brunhilde)- Lives in Rome presently as a Roman.

BIOGRAPHY: Born into the Germanic tribe of the Swebeoz Odila had always lived with freedom. She was the third child of King Hrothgar and War Queen Hildgrat, third in line for the inheritance of the tribe. As soon as she was old enough she began training with her older brothers Alaric and Thorn, learning to use the framea and a bow so that if she must she could defend herself and step into battle. Odila enjoyed the training and spending time with her older brothers whom she admired greatly. Life in the tribe was easy enough. Though the Romans considered such a life barbaric it was built on a strong bond between everyone in the clan. Such a bond that was not easily broken.

When the War Queen supposedly passed on Odila became even more determined to become her mother's successor and trained even harder quickly becoming an equal in both of her brother's strength and skill. When her brother Alaric went to battle and did not come back she swore to avenge her brother's death and although she did not admit it she mourned deeply for her lost sibling as she had truly looked up to him.

As Odila grew older the more she began to lure the young men of the tribe with not only her beauty but her strength. After a sparring match with a formidable opponent Odila would gladly welcome them into her bed or wherever else she feels it would be more exciting. Although it rarely happened if she lost she simply trained even more and would invoke a crushing defeat upon him. Of course Odila began to tire of simple sparring matches and pitiful nights of debauchery. She longed for a real fight. One where her very life was at stake. Not one officiated by her father who constantly feared for her. Every time the tribe went on a raid she was only allowed to watch and cheer with the other women and children. She longed to be apart of one.

Her father however was not so easily swayed and refused all proposals. She even claimed that she wouldn't actually go into battle, she could sit up in a tree and shoot arrows. But her father did not budge. Angry about her lack of excitement Odila decided to go on the next raid anyway. The men did not even blink as she joined them. It was not uncommon for a Germanic women to partake in raids. There were just so few willing to do so. Odila had hoped for a simple Roman village raid but she was not so fortunate. They were to raid a legion's camp.

As somewhat expected the raid did not go well. The Germanians were skilled but the Romans had numbers. Odila fought with all the strength of a lioness but was no more successful than the other tribesmen. Finally the group was subdued. Only 12 remained. The Romans cheered in victory and had the twelve lined up. They would not go without trophies today. Out of the twelve that were initially spared only six were taken as slaves. The rest were speared, their heads mounted on pikes as a warning.

The Romans did not take advantage of her as expected. Although the excuses were that she was ugly that truly wasn't the case. They were frightened of her, often mentioning the word "Amazon". At first she was considered as a prostitute but was immediately rejected when she lashed out with her teeth. Afterward she was beaten once again for the offense but did not regret it. So instead she was bound for Rome as a house slave as it was agreed she was far too valuable to be sent to the mines. In Rome as was custom she was bathed and rubbed down. She was allowed to keep her long blond hair and her name as it seemed amusing to Romans.

It wasn't long before she was sold as a personal slave for life, never to see the forests of Germania again. At first she was doing simple things like cleaning, the next she became a trophy, for the men and the women to admire and fondle the mysterious "Amazon". If Odila had had her way they would've been dead before they even laid a finger on her. More than once was she used and as a slave she was forced to endure it. Being a relatively new slave she still isn't used to the Roman society and from witnessing some of the customs she has begun to wonder why she's the barbarian as the Romans are no better.
38 AD -- Born
40 AD -- The great War Queen supposedly perishes in battle. A very elaborate ceremony is held for her and she is given a warrior's burial.
47 AD -- Cneaus Flavius Alexander Germanicus begins raiding into Germanic lands in response to attacks made by Alaric.
50 AD -- Alaric is captured by the Romans. Odila as of present does not know of his whereabouts.
56 AD -- First Raid (beginning of slavery)

OTHER: Anything you'd like to add to your application?
Just a few comments. I tried to keep the Germanic tribe thing as accurate as I can and I hope it's acceptable as I realize the Romans aren't technically fighting the tribes at the moment but focusing on the Danube and Brittannia. That's about it.
Hello Suz,

Welcome to the site, I'm sending you a PM to ask you a few questions and ask if you're interested in a plot idea. Big Grin

- Gothy
Accepted! Big Grin

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