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Housing Directory for AeRo
This thread is to help you find the houses of your characters and those you interact with. Hopefully it will save you a lot of time. Smile


Regio II - Caelemontium
Domi Caeli
  • Domus T. Imperi Acuelonis
    The home of Titus Imperios Acuelo, Senator of Rome. This dazzling villa was built during the last days of the Social Wars and remained standing through all of the crises that followed. It is known as one of the most beautiful homes on the Caelian.
  • Domus D. Iuni Silani
    The home of Decimus Junius Silanus, inherited from his grandfather of the same name. The Junii Silani are a family with a proud and strong history, and the domus of this senator shows the wealth which they have possessed over the years. Still, there is a modesty to the beauty within.
  • Domus G. Livi Lucretini Aemiliani
    The home of senator Gaius Livius Lucretinus Aemilianus and his family.
  • Domus L. Nicodemi Victoriani
    This domus is one of several newer villas to the Caelian Hill, only having been built after the great fire of 23 AD. The Nicodemi-Victoriani received favor under Tiberius' reign, and as a result built this magnificent home.
  • Domus Ti. Livi Cassiani
    A large, traditional styled domus that displays both the grand heritage and pride of the family that have owned it since construction. However these days it has only a singular inhabitant and so most of the building remains unused.
  • Domus M'. Rutili Cypriani
    The spacious and elegant home of senator Manius Rutilius Cyprianus and family.

Regio IV - Porta Absidata
  • Taberna Bacchus' Cup
    Owned by the former gladiatrix Salvia Bellona. People who visit the brothel Domus Venus get a discount on a meal and drink here and vice versa. It includes a main area for drinking/eaten and a kitchen for cooking. Bellona and her slaves live upstairs.

Domus Venus
  • Domus Venus
    The reputable "House of Venus", one of the city's premier brothels that is owned and operated by members of one of Rome's many criminal collegia. If you're looking for a good time, you will not be disappointed in coming here.

Regio V - Esquiliae
Domi Esquilinae
  • Domus T. Vitelli
    The home built by Marcus Vitellius, a man of strong and proud Equite standing. This villa was funded by the large Vitellian trade empire, all of which is now run by Marcus' eldest son, Tidus.

Insulae Esquilinus
  • --

Regio VI - Alta Semita
Domi Quirinalis
  • Domus A. Aeti Stilichonis
    This home was originally constructed by Fluvius Aetius Stilicho, Magister Militum under the reign of Darius. Since his death, the home has passed under the watch of Alaricus Aetius Stilicho with all members of the family still calling it home.
  • Domus M. Antoni Iusti
    Built by Decimus Antonius Justus when he became a senator, the home now belongs to his son, Marcus Antonius Justus and his family.

Regio X - Palatium
  • Domus Augustorum
    The original palace of Augustus, since combined with the Palaces of Tiberius and Caligula, is a massive complex that covers most of the Palatine Hill. It is here that Caesar and his family reside, and at times see to political matters.

Domi Palatini
  • Domus Q. Flavi Alexandri
    This magnificent villa belonging to the Flavio-Alexandrians. This home was originally constructed in 42 AD, a year after C. Flavius Alexander ended a large German excursion into Gaul. As a result, Claudius had land of the Palatine allotted to his general. It is now the property of Quintus Alexander, the former's eldest son.
  • Domus M. Corneli Scipionis
    The home of Marcus Cornelius Scipio, the Pater Familias of the last remaining branch of the Cornelii-Scipiones. This estate shows the wealth and past influence of the family, though its position on the Aventine only came from close ties to the Caesars.
  • Domus M. Aemili Scauri
    The home of senator Marcus Aemilius Scaurus, it has passed down through the heads of his ancient family for decades and remains one of the oldest mansions on the Palatine Hill.
  • Domus L. Corneli Sullae Magni
    The domus of Lucius Cornelius Sulla Magnus and his family. The house is a grand one, having been passed on within the Cornelia-Sulla family for many generations. The dictator Sulla expanded the villa during his lifetime and filled it with many treasures from around the know world. The following generations changed the house very little except for a few renovations and some minor changes. Still today the domus is one of Rome's most elegant homes.
  • Domus Num. Juli Mentonis
    The home of senator Numerius Julius Mento.
  • Domus G. Cassi Longini
    Perhaps the longest-standing villa upon the Palatine, this estate was build by the ancestors of the current Cassii during the days of the Republic. Despite Cassius having been one of the murderers of Caesar, his estates remained in the hands of his family even upon his death. Today it is still owned by descendants of the family who keep the house rivaling the palace in terms of beauty.

Regio XII - Piscina Publica
Domi Aventini Minoris
  • Domus Aeroni Dementaei
    The home of Aeron of the Demetae, which he gained shortly after he came to Rome. It is decorated on the inside with bright colors and interesting mosaics. Mosaics and paintings on walls picture sensual scenes along with animals and landscapes from Britannia.

Regio XIII - Aventinus
Domi Aventini
  • Domus L. Flavi Faustae
    The home senator Lucius Flavius Faustus Major and his family, with a separately built domus for son Lucius Flavius Faustus Minor. The family home was built around 50 BC and has been home for the family and offspring for years.
  • Domus I. Canici Phisceri
    The home of Justinus Canicus Phiscerus, a family that has risen in wealth and prestige in the past decades.
  • Domus Gn. Juventi Getae
    The home of senator Gnaeus Juventius Geta, an important Senatorial family of relation to Honorius Caesar and the Flavio-Alexandrians.
  • Domus Gn. Pompei Magni
    The home of the wealthy Pompeius family for three generations, this estate is manned by numerous slaves and protected by some of the finest guards the family can afford.

Collegia Aventinus
  • Domus Mandatus
    The headquarters of the Mandatum, one of four stronger gangs of the Aventine.

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Before you request a board. Please check to see there isn't one already in existence for your character. Also please consider that family often lived in one big house together.

If you need any help with this, please don't hesitate to PM either myself or one of the other staffers!

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