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Main Plot
The civil war is at an end, and Rome is restored. A new regime has come to power under the watch of Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus. The brother of the former Augusta, uncle to former Caesars, son-in-law to Senate leaders, and a decorated warrior in his own right, the empire can at last take a sigh of relief that its feet are again on solid ground. Yet, despite the blessings of the gods have have brought order and stability, all is not well in the empire.

To the north, Rome's legions in Britannia continue to struggle against the ferocious warriors who fight under the banner of their proclaimed king, Eppitacos. The fighting, which has ground on for the better part of two years, shows no sign of either side having a clear upper-hand, with both the Romans and the Britons claiming their share of victories and defeats. To the Rhine, the German tribes have grown more daring and adventurous, with the Lugii and Marcomanni crossing into Roman lands. Though the Lugii have been soundly defeated in battle, the remnants of the Marcomanni horde remain a threat to Roman Gaul.

Caesar Alexander cannot allow such weaknesses to stand under his still infantile reign, and already his eyes turn toward further conquest so that he may again make it clear that he is the rightful ruler of the Roman world.

Elsewhere, the face of the empire has changed. Once one of the most powerful men in Rome during his time as dictator, Manius Cyprianus has been sent to the east under the careful watch of former consul Sextus Ursus (whose attempts at trying Cyprianus for treason played a large part in the man's downfall). In Rome, Ursus' young bride -- and Caesar Alexander's niece -- Claudia Livia, and her step-sister Rufia Flavia remain staunch signs of imperial splendor and preservation. The whereabouts of the young Tiberius Claudius, the last of the Claudian line, remains unknown.

The senate has been remade in the image of Caesar Alexander, with those men who aided him in his victory receiving their due share of spoils. While the name Caesar is again firmly rooted in the name of a new dynasty, there is no lack of opportunity in Rome.

Caesar Alexander will need legates for his coming wars, and has shown a record of treating his generals well. The senate will need leaders, and the people will need their demagogues. With new men coming to power, women can continue pushing their families to the top with the hopes of gaining imperial favor -- the ultimate prize, the currently unmarried Caesar, remains open as well.

A new era has come to Eternal Rome... what part will you play?

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