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Below can be found a list of prominent families in AeRo. These are canon characters both currently active or who have left an important mark on the site in the past.  This is not a complete list of entire family trees, and anyone wishing to create new members of a specific family is allowed to do so, but it is recommended that you reach out to the player(s) who currently play an established character in that family so as to cross-reference and match the new character to fit in the family. Family members listed in italics are adoptable NPC's. If you wish to play them, please contact the player(s) in that family for details. To play a member of an important family such as the Caesars, the Scipii, or the Flavii Alexandrones, please contact the staff.

Julius Caesar = Imperial branch of family
Julius Caesar = Patrician brach of family
Julius Caesar = Plebeian branch of family
Julius Caesar = Social (allies) branch of family
Julius Caesar = Freedman branch of family


Gens Aburia
Aburius Canus
--Marcus Aburius Canus
--Marcus Aburius Canus Minor
--Aburia Cana
--Servius Aburius Canus
--Aburia Marcilla

Gens Aemilia
Aemilius Boca
--Mamercus Aemilius Boca Pius
Aemilius Paullus
Aemilius Scaurus
--Aemilia Scaura
--Marcus Aemilius Scaurus (deceased)
--Marcus Aemilius Scaurus Minor (deceased)
--Manius Aemilius Scaurus
--Marcus Aemilius Scaurus Alexander

Gens Aetius
Aetius Stilicho
--Alaricus Aetius Stilicho
--Suetonia Stilicha (deceased)
--Barbara Stilicho

Gens Afrania
Afranius Symmachus
--Tiberius Afranius Symmachus (NPC)

Gens Antonia
Antonius Justus
--Antonia Justa

Antonius Tacitus
--Marcus Antonius Tacitus

Antonius Vitellius
--Titus Vitellius
--Antonia Vitellia[/url]

Gens Aquillia
Aquillius Florus
--Lucius Aquillius Florus (deceased)
Aquillius Gallus

Gens Armenia
Armenius Valerius
-- Lucius Armenius Valerius (NPC)

Gens Arrecina
Arrecinus Clemens (made imperial with Clemens' rise to Caesar)
Marcus Arrecinus Caesar Clemens Augustus (deceased)

Gens Atella
Atellus Eupheme
--Atella Eupheme

Gens Atilia
Atilius Longus

Gens Aurelia
Aurelius Cotta
--Publius Aurelius Cotta (deceased)

Aurelius Pulcher
--Aurelia Pulchra

Aurelius Severus
--Sextus Aurelius Severus
--Publius Aurelius Severus
--Marcus Aurelius Severus
--Aurelia Gaia
--Appius Aurelius Severus

Gens Calpurnius
Calpurnius Irisus
--Marcus Calpurnius Irisus

Gens Calvisia
Calvisius Sabinus
--Publius Calvisius Sabinus Pomponianuus

Gens Cassia
Cassius Longinus
--Lucius Cassius Longinus

Gens Claudia
Claudius Pulcher
Claudius Caesar (made imperial with Claudius' rise to Caesar)
--Drusus Claudius Sabucius (deceased)
--Valeria Messalina Minor (deceased)
--Flavia Lucilla Augusta (deceased)
--Gaius Claudius Sabucius (deceased)
--Marcus Claudius Caesar Darius (deceased)
--Decimus Claudius Caesar Junus (deceased)
--Claudia Livia 
--Rufia Flavia
--Tiberius Claudius Caesar (NPC)
--Claudia Caesaris (NPC)
--Claudia Gaia

Gens Cornelia
Cornelius Cethegus
Cornelius Cinna
Cornelius Dolabella
-- Gnaeus Cornelius Dolabella (NPC)
 Cornelius Lentulus
Cornelius Scipio
         listed eldest sibling [+children] to the youngest [+children] Check Cornelia Scipionis' app for more information
--Marcus Cornelius Scipio Minor (deceased)
   --Marcus Cornelius Scipio Octavianus (deceased)
   --Marcus Cornelius Scipio Denter [25]
   --Cornelia Aemillia [18]
--Appius Cornelius Scipio Germanicus (deceased)
   --Lucius Cornelius Scipio Dacicus (deceased)
   --Cornelia Decima  [34]
   --Appius Cornelius Scipio [27]
          --Horatia Scipionis [Horatia Pulvilla before marriage to Appius]
   --Cornelia Scipionis 
--Cornelia Annthea (NPC) [check the Flavii Alexandrii for her children]
--Lucius Cornelius Scipio (deceased)
   --Cornelia Julla [mid40s]
   --Publius Cornelius Scipio [23]

Cornelius Sulla
--Lucius Cornelius Sulla Magnus
--Lucius Cornelius Sulla Lucullus
--Cornelia Marcella
--Faustus Cornelius Sulla Felix

Gens Demetria
Demetrius Asellus
--Demetria Asella

Gens Domitia
Domitius Ahenobarbus
--Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus
--Domitia Agrippina

Gens Fabia
Fabius Labeo
Fabius Maximus
--Tiberius Fabius Maximus Major
--Tiberius Fabius Maximus
--Publius Fabius Maximius

Gens Flavia
Flavius Alexander (made patrician by Caligula, made imperial with Quintus Alexander's rise to Caesar)
--Cnaeus Flavius Alexander Germanicus (deceased)
--Cornelia Annthea (NPC)
--Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus (NPC)
--Rufus Flavius Alexander (deceased)
--Flavia Lucilla Augusta (deceased)
--Jullus Flavius Alexander
--Decimus Flavius Alexander (deceased)
--Octavius Flavius Alexander
--Publius Flavius Alexander Belanus (deceased)
--Cnaeus Flavius Alexander Gemellus (deceased)
--Titus Flavius Alexander Geminus
--Flavia Rutiliana
--Flavia Juliana
--Flavia Alexandra (deceased)
--Flavia Alexandra Minor (deceased)
--Caecilia Alexandra (NPC)
--Lucius Flavius Alexander
Flavius Faustus (made patrician by Tiberius)
--Lucius Flavius Faustus Major
--Lucius Flavius Faustus Minor (deceased) 
--Quintus Flavius Faustus (NPC)
--Tiberius Flavius Faustus
--Cornelia Fausta
--Papiria Fausta
--Lucius Flavius Faustus Papirianus
--Flavia Fausta
--Tiberius Flavius Faustus

Gens Furia
Furius Aculeo
Furius Bibaculus
--Lucius Furius Bibaculus
Furius Camillus
Furius Luscus

Hostilius Saserna
--Gaius Hostilius Saserna (NPC)

Gens Imperia
Imperius Acuelo
--Titus Imperius Acuelo Gurges (deceased)
--Seia Imperia

Gens Julia
Julius Caesar - extinct
Julius Camillus
--Sextus Julius Camillus (deceased)
--Julia Valeria
Julius Mento
--Gaius Julius Mento Postumus
--Sulpicia Galla
--Gaius Julius Mento (deceased)
--[url=http://www.aeternaroma.com/showthread.php?tid=6230]Lucius Julius Mento Agrippa (deceased)
--Numerius Julius Mento
Julius Commagene
--Gaius Julius Archelaus Callinicus
--Julia Berenicia
--Julia Iotapa
Julius Bassianus
--Tiberius Julius Bassianus

Gens Junia/Iunia
Junius Silanus (made patrician by Augustus)
--Decimus Junius Silanus (Deceased)
--Junia Silana
--Junia Calvina (Deceased)
--Lucius Junius Silanus

Gens Juventius
Juventius Geta
-- Lucius Juventius Geta II (deceased)
--Gnaeus Juventius Geta (NPC)
--Naevia Geta
--Octavianus Juventius Geta
--Juventia Geta
--Lucius Juventius Geta
--Octavius Juventius Geta Minor
--Lucius Juventius Geta
--Vitus Juventius Geta
--Gaius Juventius Geta
--Gnaeus Juventius Geta Minor

Gens Livia
Livius Lucretinus (made patrician by Caligula)
--Gaius Livius Lucretinus Aemilianus
--Livia Lucretina

Gens Marcia
Marcius Philippus (made patrician by Claudius)

Gens Memmia
Memmius Regulus
--Publius Memmius Regulus II (NPC)
--Lollia Paullina (deceased)
--Publius Memmius Regulus III(deceased)
--Gaius Memmius Regulus
--Aquillia Regula
--Gaius Memmius Regulus
--Publius Memmius Regulus IV
--Memmia Regula Minor 
-- Minucia Regula
-- Memmia Regula Major

Gens Minucia
Minucius Rufus
Minucius Thermus
--Quintus Minucius Thermus

Gens Papiria
Papirius Crassus
--Papiria Crassa
--Sextus Papirius Crassus Ursus
Papirius Maso
Papirius Aelianus (added by Tiberius)
--Titus Papirius Aelianus

Gens Pinaria
Pinarius Natta
-- Lucius Pinarius Natta Minor
--Lucretia Natta Minor (deceased)
--Publius Pinarius Natta
--Pinaria Natta
--Publius Pinarius Natta Minor
--Pinaria Lucilla
--Pinaria Livilla
--Pinaria Gaia
--Pinaria Lucretia
Pinarius Helva
--Gaius Pinarius Helva Major
--Hostilia Helva
--Gauis Pinarius Helva Minor
--Marcus Pinarius Helva
--Gnaeus Pinarius Helva
--Lucius Pinarius Helva
--Pinaria Helva

Gens Pompeia
Pompeius Magnus (made patrician by Tiberius)
--Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus

Gens Pomponia
Pomponius Drusus
--Atticus Pomponius Drusus Agrippa

Gens Rufia
Rufius Caesar (made imperial with Honorius’ rise to Caesar)
--Marcus Rufius Honorius Caesar (deceased)

Gens Rutilia
Rutilius Cyprianus
--Publius Rutilius Cyprianus
--Quirina Adriana
--Publius Rutilius Cyprianus Minor
--Manius Rutilius Cyprianus 
--Rutilia Cypriana Major
--Rutilia Quirinilla
--Rutilia Cypriana Minor 
Rutilius Gallus
-- Manius Rutilius Gallus (NPC)

Gens Sempronia
Sempronius Atratinus
--Aulus Sempronius Atratinus Nasica

Gens Sergia
Sergius Orata
Sergius Paulus

Gens Sulpicia
Sulpicius Camerinus
Sulpicius Galba
--Vibius Sulpicius Galba
Sulpicius Rufus

Gens Quinctia
Quinctius Capitolinus
--Lucius Quinctius Capitolinus (NPC)
Quinctius Crispinus (added by Augustus)

Gens Quinctilia
Quinctilius Varus
--Terius Quinctilius Varus
--Secundus Quinctilius Varus
--Quinctilia Vara

Gens Valeria
Valerius Castus
--Lucius Valerius Castus
Valerius Maximus
--Valeria Maxima 
Valerius Messalla
--Marcus Valerius Messalla (NPC, deceased)

Gens Vitellia
Vitellius Avitus
Vitellius Pulcher
Vitellius Scaurus
--Appius Vitellius Scaurus 

Gens Volumnia
Volumnius Decianus (made patrician by Tiberius)
--Aulus Volumnius Decianus Pactor
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Made by the wonderful Aurora
Question, do we have to make a character based on only these gens?
Hi! Welcome to AeRo!

No, you do not. This list is just to keep track of which families are currently played. You may join them if you wish, but it isn't required. You may join new families. Please PM a member of staff if you have any further questions. Smile

[Image: sextus3_zpsc797991c.jpg]
Alright! Thank you so much!

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