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Up and Coming Men(Sextus Papirius Crassus Ursus)
Situations like this were usually easily controlled with a few carefully placed words, but today Marcus had seem to slip up, losing control quite quickly. It was never a good place to be, out of control, it lead to unpredictable, and while he gave the front of the unpredictable wild card most of his actions were carefully planned out and methodical. Most plans came with a back up plan, Ursus wasn't a necessary constant in his plan but the man brought a great many cards to the table if he was able to convince them to work together.

When the man across from him raised his glass the boy did the same, plastering a fake, yet still convincing, smile on his face before taking a drink. If the Consul was going to fake sincerity, so was Marcus, but then again was he really? Now isn't the time for second thoughts, moves must be made decisively. 

It was odd seeing a man in such high power try to seem humbling, but Marcus ambition. It was something that stirred in him, its what pushed him forward with his dangerous agenda. It showed in Ursus, ambition for what though? Marcus was sure he'd never know, but he did know ambitious men were powerful, yet deadly allies. If the mans true intentions were transparent to Marcus it was true he would steer clear of the man, but it was likely Ursus would do the same if he knew what evil lay in the boys heart. "You humble Roma, humble senators are a rare commodity these days." He let out raising his glass, "To you, and the rest of the humble." Maybe flattery would help him take a bit more control back? Either way he was ready to work with what he had.

Marcus was ready to continue on about his plans a bit when the topic of his Military service was brought up, a slight disgusted scorn adorning his lips for just a second. He hated them, mostly because they almost killed him, but also because of how resilient they are, Roman steel should have brought them to bay a long time ago. Even with all his hate he longs to get another go at in the North, but only after he had completed what he wanted here in Rome, never before. There was a noticeable pause for a moment until Marcus pulled back the cloth on his shoulder revealing the rest of the deep scar that ran up his should and along his neck. "It had a rocky start. Invasions never go as planned, and good soldiers are far and few in between. I should have died there, the medicus was sure, yet here I am. But I believe you have educated yourself on me already. I bet you know all about my campaign, no need to bore you with things you already know. His voice wasn't hostile, but it was clear that he wasn't willing to speak much more on it. Of course part of it was that he was sure the man already knew a lot about him, if he had come over without doing his homework he would be a fool. "But I'll tell you one thing, some of their druids made this delightful potion called Tea. Decima! Some tea for the consul and I."

As if almost jumping straight back into business he began speaking once again, "The bill will strengthen our economy, but will do some damage to the most wealth of  purses." He gave the man a pointed look, "That is the general basis of the bill. I'm going to push it forward with or without your support, and I mean that with no disrespect, but I do mean it. On my first day acting as Tribune I plan to do my job for the people, and if you want all the details you can listen to the heralded I'll be sending out on the morning of the new year  to the tell plebs of the bill, but I would think there would be no need, seeing as it will mostly what I have just told you."  And after they will know all who opposed it.

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