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Spurius Pinarius Natta
EXPERIENCE: 2 -3 years 
OTHER CHARACTERS: Quinctilia Vara, Felicitas, Tomeri
CONTACT: PM for Skype

NAME: Spurius Pinarius Natta
DATE OF BIRTH: Feb 21, 32 AD, (30 years old)
-- Cives Romani, Nobilitas, Senatore Patricianus
OCCUPATION: Tribunus Laticlavius (Military Tribune)
The excitement of battle, violence and bloodshed

Winning, at anything really, from a duel to a debate to a bet
Wine, women and conversation, and occasionally men
Securing power for Rome
Wielding his own power whether physically or even emotionally


Losing (obviously)
Messes and disarray
Being humiliated, especially in public
Tedious activities


A more democratic Rome (i.e. wants to keep power within the 5%)
Civil War within Rome
Growing old
That his bureaucratic life will be boring

Keeping himself in power

Finding a new wife
Eliminating Rome of its criminal gangs

Terse and no-nonsense, Spurius is quick-tempered and also quick to violence if tested. He is a battle-hardened legionary who will slit the throat of his enemies sooner than he’d say hello to them. He abhors criminals, though his way of dealing with them is through heavy-handed tactics that often resembles the very criminal activity he seeks to wipe from the face of Rome. Like most Romans, coin will often persuade him to look the other way and he’s no stranger to bribes.

He has a soft spot for children and would never kill one or take one as a slave. He does care for women, but like most Roman men, thinks their place should be taking care of their husbands, raising children and looking after the household.

He can be slightly paranoid, a trait he picked up in his youth after his father was assassinated. He trusts no one but his closest confidants and those with more power than he. And even still he has a network of spies that he keeps around just in case.


HAIR: Light brown
EYES: Brown
BUILD: Tall, muscular and slightly lanky
HEIGHT: 5’9” (unusually tall for a Roman)
STYLE OF DRESS:  Red cape with a purple border over his cuirass and pteryges. When he's not in his cuirass he wears a simple tunic with a cloak. He rarely wears a floor-length toga.

[Image: 1D3mh0ll.jpg]

Spurius has light brown hair and tans easily in the sun. When not wearing his official Tribune uniform, he cares very little about his appearance and clothing. As long as he’s clean and presentable, he’s not too bothered by fancy garments or jewelry. He tends to dress for comfort and is normally well-armed with a sword and pugio which speaks to his slightly paranoid nature.

He is slightly taller than the average Roman, which he uses to his advantage when he’s interrogating suspects or criminals, which he often does as Military Tribune for the city. Spurius abhors tedious indoor activities and can be often seen pacing or fidgeting when he has to sit still for long periods of time.

--Father - Spurius Pinarius Natta, Deceased
--Mother – Camilla Tacita, 52

--Sister – Lucia Natta, 21

--Previous Wife - Lucilla Vita, 22, Died in childbirth

-- None

Born to the Patrician family of Senator Spurius Pinarius Natta, Spurius the First had access to a good education, combat training, horseback riding and other various pursuits as the son of wealthy nobleman would.

But privy to violence at a young age, his father was assassinated by the The Servian Collegium when he was ten years old, causing much turmoil in the youth for years to follow, including his own acting out behavior, which was his way of dealing with the tragedy. Like most young men when he came of age, Spurius joined the army. At the age of twenty-six he came back from the Armenian war, victorious and labeled as a hero, despite committing unheroic atrocities on the Armenian people. Back in Rome, and after a short search, he married a young Roman noblewoman named Lucilla Vita, but only after a year of marriage, Lucilla died in childbirth and the baby – a son – was stillborn.

Angry at the gods for his misfortune, for a year Spurius drowned his sorrows in wine, women and men. The older Spurius gets, the less religious he is, rationalizing that the gods and goddesses bestow only cruelty on those who do nothing but faithfully serve Rome. This anti-religious stance puts him at odds with his mother who is highly superstitious and faithful, and it may put him at odds with any future wife and mother.

Spurius is semi-retired from military life, and if tempted, he may go back into the Roman Legion, but prefers to think of reviving his hands-on military career as a last resort. He is currently a Tribunus Laticlavius elected to the position by his excellence as an officer and commander in the Legions. He is still very close to his mother, despite her aggravation over his lack of faith in the gods. Any woman that wants to win his heart, will need to win the heart of Camilla as he listens to her for advice especially on romance and marriage.

Within the last year he was elected to the Senate after a long and painstaking campaign to broker peace between the biggest, bloodiest and most notorious criminal gangs in Rome.

32 AD -- Spurius is born 

42 AD – Spurius’s father was murdered by the The Servian Collegium
50 AD – Spurius joins the Legion and campaigns in Armania
58 AD – Spurius comes back to Rome with an Armenian slave named Abirad
59 AD – Spurius marries Lucilla
60 AD – Lucilla dies in childbirth and his son is stillborn
61 AD – Spurius receives the title of Military Tribune for Rome
62 AD - Spurius is elected to the Senate after brokering peace deals between the biggest and most notorious criminal gangs
Bumping Spurius who is no longer WIP and ready for review.
Hey Leslie,

Chris here. I'm just going to go over a few things--some suggestions and some edits that you should make--and once you get to them, the app will be ready to go!

(1) Just for your info: There is a somewhat established NPC in the AeRo world whose name is Publius Pinarius Natta. He's a former consul, and was married to Cornelia Annthea (Quintus Caesar's mother) for a brief period of time. He could be a great uncle or something similar. You don't have to mention anything about him in your bio, that's just info for you in case you'd like to.

(2) You mention that Spurius' father was murdered by the Servian Collegium. Why? Maybe Spurius himself doesn't know the reason, but it's good info to have in his bio. Also, with their family being of note, it would make most sense for them to press for a trial if someone was murdered... unless the reason for the murder is something they'd prefer to keep hidden.

(3) You mention that from 50 AD he campaigned in Armenia. In AeRo's timeline there wasn't necessarily a "war" in Armenia, but Quintus Alexander (currently Caesar) did go east to negotiate with Armenia as Parthia was in the middle of a civil war. So, you could say he was a part of Quintus' staff.

(4) Names: His wife Lucilla's name should change just a little. "Lucilla" is a diminutive of Lucia, and would be used as the second part of a woman's name: Name Lucilla. So, using what you have, something like Vitalia Lucilla would work. Same for his mother. Camilla would go second, so she needs a gens name: Antonia Camilla, or something, for example. His sister, then, would be Pinaria Natta.

(5) If Spurius was a military tribune in 61, that's perfectly fine, however he couldn't have been a military tribune in Rome; he would've been with one of the legions in the empire. This is what I would suggest, overall, for your character's course: 50-53 - Part of Quintus Alexander's staff in Armenia / 52-58 - Military Tribune (somewhere in the empire) / 61 - Vigintiviri Capitale (one of three men in charge of prisons/executing criminals).

As a Vigintiviri in 61, he could've had a part to play in brokering a peace between gangs. Though, that should have some more explanation as well. How is his family so tied up in the gang world?

The character is great, just those few points could be worked out a little more to really give him a good starting place in AeRo. Please let me know if you have any questions! Smile


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