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The same... but not quite (OPEN)
December 62AD

Like a flood, the civil war had disappeared as quickly as it had come. At first she had been hesitant to leave the safety of Greece, and to become involved. She had heard that Clemens and the rest of the rivals were dead with Quintus Alexander now gaining the prime position, she did not know what to think. How many Caesars had there been? She had lost count. 

The travel back to Rome with her daughter Corinthia in tow had been uneventful. Her villa fortunately had been tended to, had not been given away and had been as she had left it. With her head slave in charge, the various items were returned, and with her body slave Nahia inside the litter with her as the men carried her at the pace of a walk through the marketplace. It was surreal. It was as though Rome had not gone through various purges as the men in power vied for control. Her soft hand held the transparent curtain open, her doe-like eyes stared out at the various people as they walked through the streets. 

Normally she would have servants or slaves who would be able to do this for her. Roman noblewomen would have fine pieces brought to them in their Domus, surrounded by servants and without seeing the various crowds of Rome. 

One her slaves extended their hand to her outside the peach stand and helped her down. Unfortunately for her, she lost her footing and clasped onto the clothing of the passerby in order to steady her fall. 

"Uhhh.. whoa... um.." She said, looked at the person with a blush. "Apologies."
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Mother of Claudia Corinthia - Daughter of Manius
Marcus found himself just walking the streets of Rome a bit lost. The man found himself a bit gloom, things had strange ways of working themselves out. Silvana was still a mystery, Decima... well there was Decima, then there his plan. Usually he found great joy and entertainment plotting how to throw Rome into chaos so he may climb further. Being the Tribune of the Plebs after the first of the year was going to make this a much simpler task, but he had planned as far as he could. Soon he would have to put his plans into motion, maybe some sort of games to celebrate his election for the people, another rousing speech? Blood always made the people happy, and if his ambitions served him well they would soon rally their support behind him.

Alas there was nothing he could do until he was officially named tribune, and the ceremony would be held on the first of the year. The blessing of the gods, and their foolish ritual that would grant him sacrosanct which would deter any wise man from bringing him harm. But thinking back to the late Tribune Antony, in the time of Julius Caesar, was attacked on his way to the Forum to deliver his Tribunes veto. Alas the attack worked out, it gave Caesar a reason to march his legions on Rome. Marcus and Julius Caesars ambitions were one in the same, Marcus would either end up at the top, or face down in the dirt. There is no rest for the wicked.
His thoughts were cut short, being snapped back to reality when he felt a tug on his white tunic. It took a moment for him to realize what had happened, and took him even longer to realize where he had ended up. There was a confused look on his lips as his forehead scrunched up a bit as his head slowly turned to the woman. When she spoke the expression on his face dissipated quickly and reformed into a charming smile. He allowed himself to fix his clothing a moment before speaking. "No need for apologies, accidents happen." He gave the woman a small nod of the head holding his hand up, giving a slight shrug as to push it off.

The woman was of Noble birth, that was obvious, but he couldn't place her face, or her name. Surely she knew who he was, the people had chanted his name at the Curia to show their support and want for him to be Tribune. But then again maybe he was being arrogant to think as such. "Apologies, I am at a disadvantage young Domina, I fear your beauty has drown my mind of all thought and I cannot place your families name." It was a little more difficult to find charming words after spending so much time lost in your own mind, then have to spill them out at a moments notice, yet his smile was kind, and his words soft.
She let out a smile of relief, a delicate hand was placed on her heart with a sigh at his casual reaction to her foolishness. Over her years in Rome, she had mastered the art of coquettish flirting and what was better than the sight of a handsome, young man? Gaia listened to him, her doe-like eyes placidly looked at him and she could not tell whether to be offended or relieved when he did not recognise her right away. Her eyes widened in mock surprise, her pouted lips parted as though she was in shock, and let out a sound of frustration. 

"Do you not know me? My goodness, I suppose I could tell you after my little incident of bumping into you." She teased him, her voice a gentle purr and she let out a soft giggle. Her gaze moved from his gaze downwards along his body, he was handsome, before it trailed back upwards along him and met his eyes once again. If her daughter, Corinthia had been with her her child would have utterly disapproved of the scene in front of her. 

"I am Claudia Gaia, newly returned to Rome." She said, both of them could possibly guess the reason why she had been gone from the Capital city of Rome. Gaia hoped he would not say a word about it. Nor did she add her reputation for being an amorous woman with a lustful appetite for male flesh, however, it too was common knowledge among many Romans. She certainly heard the crowd speak his name, but that would be making it far to easy for him. 

"And you? Who are you?" She asked.
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Mother of Claudia Corinthia - Daughter of Manius
A small smirk pulled at the corner of his lips as the woman feigned insult. He let out a small chuckle when she giggled and allowed the smile to return to his face. He watched as the woman's eyes fell from his and looked over his tall figure, only moments later to have her eyes on him once again. She seemed to take him in and approve of his looks, which was good, it always made talking much easier. She wasn't bad looking herself, quite the sight to see, quite pleasant to the eyes.

When she spoke her name it became clear why he couldn't place her face, he had never met her, nor seen what she looked like. He was off in Britannia when she left, or just returning to Rome. The civil war didn't affect him much, other than the opportunity it gave him to grasp his newly elected position. "Claudia Gaia." His voice mix a bit of confidence and thought as he allowed himself to look over the woman's figure, taking his sweet time to do so. When his eyes found hers again he bowed his head a bit for just a moment as he began to speak again. "You are quite the treasure to be stolen away from the Eternal city for such a long time. I'm glad to see Rome has reclaimed you." 

It made sense why the woman wouldn't know who he is, especially if she is fresh back to Rome, it was only recently he had made his name known to most. Soon it would be known to even more if things went as planned. "I am Tribune Marcus Antonius Tacitus. A pleasure to meet such a lovely woman on such a lovely day. A blessing from the gods I am sure." He took the woman's hand if she allowed, kissing the back of her hand for a moment before releasing it once again. "Its not everyday you find a Noble such as yourself in the Market with us Plebeians, we are all honored by your presence I am sure."

He knew the woman was of higher standing than him, but he rarely took that into account when speaking with people. "I must confess your beauty has me mesmerized, may I bask in it just a little longer and accompany you for a time?" Most of what he had just said was a lie, she was more than beautiful yes, but it happened to be far from the reason he wished to stay in her presence. She fled Rome in fear, or so it would seem, so maybe she had some scandalous secrets he could uncover in time if their meeting turned into a friendship. 
She wondered whether he was flattering her in order to find his way under her skirt. If that was his aim, he was succeeding. When he repeated her name and had slept with men who did the same thing before, although unfortunately she could not remember his name. She raised a flirtatious eyebrow when he said the word reclaimed. It had certainly been quite a while since she had been 'claimed' by a virtuous Roman man. Yet she did not say anything, she gave a nod of acknowledgement when he introduced his name -- and rank for her benefit. Gaia's cheeks flushed pink at the compliment to her beauty, pretty words were always pleasant to hear and she enjoyed hearing them. Her hand gently encircled around his, a public gesture and her eyes widened in surprise. Yet she did not protest or push him away. 

"Sometimes you may find bargains here. Jewels among the coarsest of people, and --" She began, equally putting on the dance. Gods, right now she felt old. How many of the virgins of Rome had been seduced by similar words from a handsome youth? Although she had no right to criticise anyone when it came to loose morality. Gaia let out a giggle, squeezed his hand with the one in his, and rested another delicate hand on top of his to soften the words she was about to say to him. 

"Oh, oh... how sweet. But you do not need to continue your pretty words. You have already sparked my interest," She whispered to him. It could not hide the fact that Gaia was looking at him with lustful desire, warm eyes surrounded by thick, flirtatious eyelashes. Unfortunately for her, she had no idea about his ulterior motives when it came to dealing with the politicians of him. She may have wanted one thing, yet they would want something else from her. 

"And of course you may have my company... we are talking right now." She answered, a slightly vapid look in her eye.
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Mother of Claudia Corinthia - Daughter of Manius
Marcus gave the woman a small challenging smirk when she spoke about needing to stop his flattery. "Of course." He could see her lust filled eyes, it was pleasing to see how quickly he had gotten it to this point. When she accepted his company he gave a small bow of the head in appreciation.

"Tell me, how were your travels away from Roma? Did you head east to Egypt? I hear it is quite lovely over seas."
 He knew the subject may be a bit touch and go for the woman, but he kept his voice calm and his eyes soft as he gave the woman a smile, offering out her arm to walk with her. The idea being that they could talk and brows around. Marcus got a few looks from some plebs they passed, a couple congratulating him as he passed by. For the most part he just smiled and gave them a nod, occasionally responding with a thank you. He was popular among the pleb, that was for certain.

Admittedly he let his eyes wonder around the market a bit, sometimes there were interesting things to be seen, and possibly even bought. Recently he had spoken to a man who was selling lions to the arena, Marcus was able to talk the man into returning with a lioness cub for a steep price. The man had heard that they were easier to tame from a young age. 

The young Senator didn't know much about Claudia, so he wasn't quite sure what the best approach to speaking with her would be, but he could guess. "Perhaps after you are finished here I could escort you home? Perhaps we could share a glass of wine? I find stories are always best told over wine." He looked to the woman with a bit of a suggestive smirk. "I'm sure you have quite a few, we could spend hours exchanging a few."  Near the end his voice closed a bit, putting a slight emphasis on the word hours.

(Sorry its poor, promise they will be better next time <3)
She wouldn't have considered her flight from Rome to be travels. Instead they were her fleeing for her survival, hers and her daughter's life. 

Gaia was naive, yet she had long learnt the dance that politicians played when it came to dealing with family emotions. Still, she wished Nahia was here to make sure she did not slip up and to have an excuse to avoid the any problems that may arise. 

"Oh no, I took the most direct route there." She answered politely, she had fled for the safety of her daughter and had no time to see what would occur. Even in Greece she had heard of the bloodshed that followed the rise of Clemens and the following purges. It was fortunate for her that this brief thought was interrupted when he asked to be invited back to her home. A flirtatious glance up at his face, coupled with a wink and a squeeze on his arm. 

"You would be more than welcome, I have quite the selection when it comes to different vintages of wine. I'm sure you're a man with a variety of stories to keep us well entertained," She teased in response. It was likely Nahia would have issues with her bringing men back home, but surely, she needed friends in Rome who would protect and defend her. 

"I would like to have you over, shall we leave now?"
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Mother of Claudia Corinthia - Daughter of Manius
"Pity." He spoke, lingering for only a moment longer on the subject of Egypt. He couldn't help but wonder exactly what the woman went through over the past year or so, due to all that had been happening in Rome. While Marcus was off fighting the savages in Britannia, Roma was being torn apart by greedy men who wished to be named Caesar.

Marcus hadn't realize how small the woman was compared to him, he didn't tower over her, but he was quite a few inches talker. When she looked up with her flirtatious glace and the wink allowing him a small suggestive smirk. He didn't see this last long between the two, once or twice maybe, but when he was married he didn't want to give any room for such scandal that might hurt his reputation with the plebs. But he wanted to make a friend out of her, if only for her first hand knowledge about what happened within the city walls of Rome while everyone was declaring themselves Caesar. Of course people heard about it, but she could shed light on the finer aspects of things. But anything was possible, and perhaps he would see her more than just a source of information one day, but for the most part to Marcus everyone had a purpose, and no one was just a friend to be a friend.

"Lovely, I'm sure we can keep each other well entertained." He allowed himself another glance down towards the woman, offer his arm for them to walk again. "Please lead the way." Their meeting had been so short, but already they were heading back tot he woman's home to share wine and 'stories'. Marcus was a bit pleased with out it turned out, but perhaps it would be wise to find out a little bit more about the woman before they arrived. "So, might I know a bit more about the mystery that is Claudia Gaia? Or shall I be left to guessing?" He spoke in a playful tone, chuckling lightly.

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