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Arellia Alexia

AGE: 29


NAME: Arellia Alexia (formerly Arellia Euphemia)
DATE OF BIRTH: August 12, 43 AD (20 as of 63 AD)
GENDER: Female

-- Cives Romani, Plebes, Quirite

OCCUPATION: Wife of freedman, Blacksmith's daughter

--Her family
--Her simple life
--Good wine
--Being with those who love her
--Being affectionate
--Gladiatorial games

--Being the youngest child
--People who are nice only to gain something
--Upsetting her husband
--Seeing others suffer

--Losing another child
--Being separated from her family
--An untimely death
--Being alone
--Being unhappy

-To love her husband all her life
-To give him many children
-To see her father and brothers happy

GENERAL PERSONALITY: Alexia is a gentle soul. Kind and sweet to everyone around her, she became the center of her little family. The youngest, and the only surviving daughter, Alexia has been doted upon since her birth. Even the tragic loss of her mother during childbirth didn't quell the immense love her father has for her. Jaded by her simple life and never having dealt with the loss of her mother or older sister, Euphemia can easily be assumed as innocent and naive.

The appearance of innocence only goes so far though. She has a fierce jealous streak that has now only reared it head when she sees the freedoms her brothers get to enjoy. Being the only woman in an all male household has afforded her a few luxuries, but she is sad to know that it only affected her education. Intelligent and witty, the young has learned to keep pace in conversation and debate and can outshine her brothers most topics - excluding such things like warfare and those topics only men really delve into.

Growing up, she was privy to many conversations and subjects that many young women were hidden from. The male form is not foreign to her and she has peeked in on her brothers activities enough to know how all that works. Hardly shy, she is rather curious and excited about the entire subject. Another interest that was fueled by her brothers was the love for the gladiatorial games. Alexia never much liked the bloodshed and death, but rather the natural athleticism of the men and women and the courage it must have took. In her mind, she glorified them to all be great warriors and fighting for a just cause - even though she knew it was rarely, if ever, true.

Her bright spirit and happy demeanor took a turn after the loss of her son. Loss has hardened her a bit and stole the remainder of her innocence and much of her love of life. Alexia does her best to hide her pain though, believing she must do so for her husband.


[Image: txqPASr.jpg]
CELEBRITY CLAIM: Candice Swanepoel
HAIR: Long and bright blonde
EYES: Light blue
BUILD: Petite, with soft curves
HEIGHT: 5'2"
STYLE OF DRESS: Alexia, being the only daughter in a family of men, has the luxury of nice things. Her father's prestige as a gifted blacksmith and armor, allows her to dress a bit nicer than many women of her status. Yet, she prefers simple things. Chitons of blues and understated jewelry - most of which was passed onto her from her mother and grandmother.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: A very pretty girl, she still maintains her youthful appearance after enduring one pregnancy. Her skin is soft and luminous and offset quite perfectly by her blonde hair, which she has been told is from her mother. Large blue eyes give her an innocent appearance and are surrounded by soft, delicate features.

She stands at a petite five foot two, while her father and brothers seem to tower over her. Alexia is rather proud of her body - curvy in all the right places and soft to the touch. Her skin is unmarred, smooth and tight with just enough fat underneath to give her a womanly shape.


--Father - Marcus Arellius, 57, Alive - Blacksmith
--Mother - Euphemia, Deceased
--Brother - Marcus Arellius, 29, Alive
--Sister - Arellia Marcia, Deceased
--Brother - Titus Arellius, 27, Alive
--Brother - Sextus Arellius, 22, Alive
--Husband - Lucius Antonius Alexius, 26, Alive
--Son – Lucius, stillborn
--Aunt - Fabia, 45, Alive (widow)
--Sister-in-law - Gaia, 20, Alive (married to her brother, Marcus)

BIOGRAPHY: Marcus and his wife Euphemia had been blessed. They both knew this well and even though they had endured the loss of one child, their three boys were their pride and joy. The family was thriving. Marcus was well sought after blacksmith and the income he made was more than enough to feed his growing family. Euphemia was as proud as ever to find she was pregnant once again and she desperately hoped for a little girl. Yet, this time, the woman found herself sick more often than not and could hardly keep up with her boys as the pregnancy progresses. Earlier than expected, Euphemia gave birth to a healthy, yet small, baby girl. She saw the child for only a moment before she was whisked away. The mother was bleeding out and it was obvious to the healer that nothing could be done about it. Euphemia died within minutes, leaving behind her husband, three boys and newborn daughter.

Marcus grieved for his wife, yet, the gift of new life renewed him quicker than many expected. He named the tiny babe after his wife and with the help of his wife's sister, raised the child as best as he could. Little Euphemia thrived under the watchful eye of her father and brothers and she was loved so deeply and thoroughly. She became the center of the small family and even the boys doted on the girl.

Her father's success as a blacksmith afforded them more than most in their station and Euphemia was never asked to work for anything. That was what the boys were for. As a young girl, she taught herself to run the household from the small apartment next to her father's business and with the help of them all, was educated to the best of their ability. A sponge for knowledge, Euphemia exhausted them all with her questions and curiosities.

Life went on and Euphemia grew into a beautiful young woman. She was favored by her father, and although her brothers knew it, they knew she needed the most love. She never wanted for anything, but this never made her a greedy girl. Rather, she was very thankful for all she had and never had any inclination that she wanted more. Euphemia enjoyed life to its fullest and loved following her older brothers around. They would allow her to go watch the games with them. This was something she loved very much, for two reasons: the bonding with her brothers and the uncontrollable interest and curiosity in the gladiators. It was as if they were untouchable and so foreign to her - the young girl was entranced.

She was fifteen when her eldest brother finally married and she was ecstatic to welcome the girl in their family. Gaia became a fast friend and Euphemia found camaraderie with her whereas before she had been severely outnumbered. Yet, it was because of Marcus and Gaia's union that peaked the young girl's interest in the more... carnal activities. Living in a small, but decent, home, it was hard to ignore what went on even behind closed doors. She holds no fear of such things and is rather excited to explore such things with her future husband. Although she would never dare admit this to anyone but Gaia.

In 61 AD, Marcus initiated talks of marrying his daughter to one of his many clients, Lucius Antonius Alexius. Euphemia took to the idea with excitement, recognizing the new Lanista as the former gladiator, Lexus. They were married quickly and young Euphemia took her husband's name and was proud to be Arellia Alexia. Her days as a new wife were spent taking care of her household, her husband and watching him with the gladiators. Life was blissful, and even more so when she became pregnant.

Yet, her simple and happy life did not last. Labor came too soon and a son was born, but did not survive. Alexia was devastated. She wholly blamed herself, even when those around her told her there as nothing she could have done and that she would still give her husband many children. No matter how common it was, young Alexia carried the pain of loss with no idea how to deal with it and quell it. Her world was shattered and she never told a soul, not even her husband.

She knew he was hurting too, but the pair never talked about their son and Alexia was content with that. When Lexus expressed, again, his desired to return to Germania, she made no argument. Everything reminded her of her failure and the perfect little son who should have been, and so leaving Rome felt like the right thing to do. But, in the end, Lexus found no family relations and the pair were cast aside as foreigners by his tribe. Alexia liked the people though and their simple ways, but life was hard. Still grieving in silence, she returned to Rome with her husband unsure what the future would hold for them.

43 AD -- Marcus' wife dies giving birth to a daughter. He names her Euphemia to honor her mother.
55 AD -- Euphemia's father gains prominence as a blacksmith and armor in Rome.
57 AD -- Euphemia's brother, Marcus, marries Gaia.
60 AD -- Her father begins looking for a husband for his only daughter.
61 AD -- Euphemia marries Lucius Antonius Alexius, a Lanista. She takes his name, becoming Arellia Alexia. Alexia becomes pregnant, but he was stillborn. Late 61 AD, the pair travel to Germania in search of Alexius' family.
63 AD -- Alexia and he husband return to Rome after the failed mission to find his family in Germania.

OTHER: This is the revival of an old character.
Accepted. Welcome back. Smile

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