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Poll: How do the Plebs react to the Union?
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The crowd erupts in cheers of envy and joy, falling in love with the couple. The couple becomes a topic of envy among the plebs, making the two and their union very popular within the Plebeian class.
4 80.00%
About over half the crowd cheers for them, some coming to envy them. They become a topic of discussion among the plebs but nothing more comes from it.
1 20.00%
Out of respect the crowd drinks to the union but no one seems to particularly care.
0 0%
Total 5 vote(s) 100%
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PLOT POINT: Janus (open)
January 1st, 63 AD -- A few minutes after the new year

Marcus stood in the middle of a crowd of plebs with Silvana on his arms. He had dressed down for the occasion to seem more attuned with the plebs, of course he still stood out. It was hard to match the plebs look to a tee, especially when the celebration took place in the poorest of the districts. For a moment he staved his conversation with the man in front of him to scan the crowd, many vying for a moment of his and the woman's time. The turn out had been much better than he had thought, even some of the nobles had come, including Silvana's father, but that was to be expected; he had payed for some of the festivities to be fair.

With a smile upon his face he turned back to the pleb, Polo, and continued the conversation. "Well I think I'd have to put my money on the lions. While they seem so easily defeated in the arena, when they hunt together they are a force to be reckoned with." With a small chuckle he brought his glass to his lips, letting some of the plum juice pass between his lips, Silvana didn't seem to like it when he drank, plus he needed to be sober for the announcement tonight. Silvana had somewhat been informed of the arrangement made between her father and himself, but for the most part she was left in the dark.

Looking to Silvana he gave the woman a smile before leaning in close so she could hear him, "I think the plebs have more fun than we do when they have a party." A small chuckle leaving his lips as he looked back to Polo, the bald man stood just under Marcus's height, but his fame being much larger than the Senators, it would be an intimidating sight to have this man angry at you. "Polo!" He shouted festively, using his free hand to slap the mans back while leaning in to whisper to him. 

After a moment the man pulled away tilting his head to the side with a grin on his lips before pointing to Marcus with a loud laugh. "Of course." He bellowed, returning the smack to the back before turning and pushing his way through the crowd.

"Come my dear." Walking forward following the man though the small path he had  made. Occasionally he took a moment to greet someone and shake a hand, but was more focused on following the large man. After a moment Marcus paused watching the man as he walked over to a group of people sitting at a table, of course he was unable to hear them, but after a moment they got up and backed away taking their drinks with them. After everyone was clear Polo pulled himself to the top of the table, now towering over the crowd. 

"AVE! AVE! AVE!" The man shouted, holding his cup in the air, not everyone fell silent of course, but those around had stopped what they were doing to look at the man, slowly others doing the same. "Lets give a cheer and a toast to our gracious host, Marcus Tacitus." The man shouted a cheer, a large number of plebs doing the same. "Now," he looked pointedly over the crowed, his fingers pointed in each direction over as he scanned the crowd until finding Marcus and Silvana, pointing both fingers at them. "He's got something he needs your attention for, so quiet down and listen." He spoke with a festive tone still, and after a moment he stepped down. 

People cleared the rest of the way for the two, it wasn't the ideal spot to stand and speak but it would work. Marcus lead the pair to the table, climbing to the top, helping the woman along his way. Most people had quieted down now, some in the way back still enjoying their drink and speaking among themselves, slowly but surely realizing something was happening. Letting his eyes scan the crowd he gave them a smile, leaning down to set his drink on the table next to him. He could see a few of the nobles in the crowd, their clothing making them stand out, giving him a sagittated look, almost as to question his intentions.

"Salve!" He shouted, giving a wave.  "Gratias vobis ago. I am so happy to see so many of you here, celebrating the new year that Janus has brought us. Its a time to reflect on the past, even if it be as chaotic as it has been recently, its a time to reflect what was and learn from it. A time to see what we had and what we have now. But I have reflected on the past and I turn my focus on to the second gift Janus gives us, a time to look into the future. In the future I see Roman and her prospering, and while it may be a hard fight for all Romans to make such possible I know it can happen. But I am not here to speak about politics, I am here to have fun, it is a celebration after all?!" A few in the crowd giving a small 'here, here,' and taking a drink from their cups. "So, during this time of new beginnings I just have one important matter to attend to before Janus turns his gaze elsewhere." Turning away from looking to the crowd and to Silvana he grasped both of her hands. "I have gotten the blessing from your father, I hope to have the support of Roma, and here I hope to get Janus's blessing to start a new with you. Silvana, will you do me the honor of marrying me?" 

(Feel free to post to everything leading up to Silvanas answer, and after the polling is done we can play out the reactions of everyone! Happy posting.)
The night was going swimmingly. The plebs were deep in their drink and were being very jolly. Silvana was complimented left and right on her spring green chiton and deeper green palla, as well as her curled hair that was pinned on top of her hair with small pearls pinned in it. It had taken her hours upon hours that day to get ready for the party, and she was glad to know that it was appreciated by the masses. 

Now, the woman was standing with her suitor Marcus and another plebeian whom Marcus seemed to know well. After a few moments of jolly banter, Marcus began to lead the way through the crowd towards a central area of the room, and she followed along, her stomach churning because she knew what was coming. This had to be the night of their public engagement. After a moment, she was lifted onto the table next to her handsome suitor. He was speaking, saying words that lilted in her head with poetry. Finally, he grasped both of her hands and said the words that she had been wanting to hear all night. A faint smile danced on her lips as he asked her and she let the moment stretch out... then the smile widened and she replied, "I will."
A small grin tugged at the corner of Marcus's lips as the woman answered, and for a moment there was a quiet pause among the two and the plebs surrounding them. Then starting with Pollo a loud cheer, followed by the rest of the plebs. Each raising their class to the couple and downing the drink. Taking his hand away from hers he turned his body to the sea of Plebs, looking over them with a smile, grasping one of Silvana's hands in his, and after a moment holding it high to show the union to those in the crowd who had not yet seen it.

Pollo had to hold back a few people who had tired to approach, acting as a semi bodyguard. Slowly Marcus let himself step from the table, allowing the woman to use him as balance to step down as well. "Let us enjoy what little time we have left here tonight. We must leave soon, as the Senate meets tomorrow." He spoke in a slight whisper to the woman before leaning over Pollos shoulder. "Gratias. Come see me tomorrow after the work day." With a pat on the shoulder he pulled the couple away from the man and lead them through the crowd into a semi open area where they would be able to sit, drink and eat if they pleased. Of course it was only clear for a few moments as the plebs wanting to speak with the couple quickly followed them. Before they had the chance though he sat the pair down. "That went better than expected." He spoke with a small smirk, "much better. You are quite the blessing."
Silvana smiled as the crowd erupted into cheers, grasping Marcus's hand in hers and allowing him to raise it above their heads. The excitement of the event washed over her as they stepped down from the table and made their way through the crowd; she was finally getting married! After all this time, she was finally getting married. As they approached the table, she sat next to Marcus and smiled at him. "Thank you, Marcus. I am excited to be your bride." She knew that it would only be a few weeks before the wedding was to happen, no doubt; there was much to do, her dress, the ceremonies to take place... but she allowed herself to simply be in the moment for the time being. "You are a blessing, too, Marcus."

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