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A Brother's Offering [Pinaria]
[Image: vestal_virgins_hi.jpg]
Roma, Italia
February 2nd, 62AD

Lucius breathed in deeply as he exited his family's Villa. From the very spot that he stood he could smell the aromas the danced through the air from the market. Bread, meats, fruits... The city was certainly at it's prime with the coming of spring, and the young man could already sense that the year would bring great fortune to he and his associates.... That is, if he could find any. In truth, he was still under the thumb of his mentor, but soon he knew that opportunities would present themselves. Who could resist a young man like him with their finances? He was young, and he had enough ambition to fill up an Ox. 

He scanned the stalls as he walked towards the temple, one that held his sister, a vestal virgin. The very thought of that title gave even him a small sense of pride that no man could take away from him, even if the honor really did belong to Pinaria. Had she missed him in her time at the temple? Perhaps she would grow bored with him and wish to be left to her own duties, but he had promised her that he would come and visit at the very least. 

Soon, he was approaching the steps, and with a slight adjustment to his light blue tunica, he walked up the stairs and nodded to the priests who set themselves just outside the doors. He had brought an offering of a songbird's heart... Or what had been called one anyway by the vendor he had bought it from, hoping to appease Vesta and pray for continued honor to grace his family, and perhaps even his own situation in the Eternal city. Of course, visiting his sister was still the primary goal, and although he did place the offering into a small pot in front of the statue that meant to represent the temple's goddess, he did so rather idly. His eyes scanned the bone white corridors for his sister... Surely she was around? 
Pinaria had just been dismissed from her training for the day and was just about to exit the temple when one of the worshipers caught her attention. He had barely just offered his sacrifice when she lost all sense of composure. “LUCIUS!” she squealed and ran straight for her brother and threw her arms around him. “What took you so long?!” You promised you’d come sooner. Gnaeus said Pater permitted you to come to Rome to pursue your apprenticeship ages ago!” The girl pouted, giving the young teenager a shove as she released him from her hold.

The reunion between siblings warranted unwanted attention. Noticing a few perplexed onlookers, and glancing around for a surely scowling Licinia (who would doubtlessly snitch on her for her improper conduct in the temple were she to witness it), Pinaria grabbed Lucius by the arm and proceeded to drag him outside. “C’mon! Not here!”
[Image: pinariah_zps60dd719c.jpg]

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