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AeRo Announcement
Dear AeRos,

There are quite a few announcements to get through so I hope you will sit and read them all. Many of these will be discussing the future of the site.

- For the moment, registrations are closed on this site and applications will not be accepted here.

- AeRo will be soft opening on jcink before the official grand opening. The reason for the move is any lapses in site upgrades will not impact the site itself, and IPB at this time is too expensive. Some procedures have changed, OOC accounts as a first account will need to be registered prior to any character accounts, and the staff will firmly recommend that the everyone re-reads the new information. Characters already accepted will need to be posted but are considered accepted already, however, they will account for the ten year time jump. Players may post their updated application using the old application format or the new ones. Any new characters will use the updated application.

- The site will be going through a ten year time jump during the move. The staff members have been working hard on organising the main plot which will be posted here soon. Naturally, the players characters would be involved in the plans so if you would like to add your character in to any events or if you require any assistance, please let us know. We're happy to help you.

- This site will be kept and a notification about the move will be present on the site. No posts will be post and they will be available for reading. However no posts will be able to be made. A back in time/AU board will be available.

- Anna has been working hard on a new skin for the site. A new look for us!

- PMs and emails will be sent to players on the opening date about the move.

- The official re-opening date will be the 15th of April which is also AeRos birthday!

- AeRo will have our own discord server to chat on.

We hope that everyone will join us on the next part of AeRos journey.

AeRo staff team
Just an update:

The announced date for the beta launch, though set for April 15th, is being extended several more days to to allow for a few last items to be completed. The beta will be announced when staff is ready; only currently accepted players will be invited at that time so as to allow them to begin the transition while staff works out final bugs and edits. Once everything is finalized, the new site will officially be opened for the public, in which new and returning members (whose accounts expired) are welcome to join! Smile This, too, will be announced and posted on this site with a link to the new.
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